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Cooper Machinery Services is the OEM for Cooper Bessemer™, Delaval™, and Elliott™ turbochargers. Since 1972, we have partnered with our customers to provide end-to-end product support, pairing the power of GE with a legacy team of experts out of Salina, Kansas. Cooper Machinery Services is also the OEM of Superior™ and Cooper Bessemer™ engines, completing the entire airflow design from turbocharger inlet to engine head exhaust. Our expertise allows us to also rebuild ABB®, Clark®, EMD®, MAN®, and Napier® Turbochargers.

Our team of experts can offer innovative solutions to your most demanding challenges, including new product development and testing in our state-of-the-art closed loop facility. Our turbocharger staff includes engineers, customer service representatives, machinists, mechanics, welders, quality inspectors, test cell operators, and technicians to measure and guarantee customer specified air requirements

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Only Cooper Machinery Services can offer OEM factory training, engineering, and technical support product experts with proven field installation, removal & repair, and troubleshooting experience.

Our global service team presence offers you flexibility with your Turbocharger service, rebuild, and upgrade needs. Cooper Machinery Services’ engineering expertise and field experience allows us to upgrade Turbochargers for all applications. We can re-aero our OEM equipment as well as other OEM products to meet increased emissions and performance requirements. Our engineering team has over 500 years cumulative years of experience and can handle any turbocharger performance improvement need.

Our engineered solutions, proprietary material specifications, and best in class warranty terms give user confidence to run for extended hours before overhauls.

- Cycle Time -

• We offer Unit exchange on various models and expedite shipping for critical situations.
• A non-stocked unit exchange time is 15 days plus shipping and handling. We offer expediting on a case by case basis.

- Testing -

Cooper Machinery Services’ closed loop testing capability for large and small turbochargers includes mechanical, design point and compressor mapping testing, giving our customers the utmost confidence in a proven, verified product. Testing is used to establish baseline performance data, facilitate troubleshooting and enable product enhancements.
The closed loop simulates actual on-engine conditions with two gas fired burners. Live real time internet test monitoring allows the option of remote witness testing.

- Complete Field Service Capabilities -
Cooper Machinery Services offers a range of field service to provide the best in class support.

• 24/7 Call Center
• Global Field Service Team
• Turbocharger Installation & Removal
• Commissioning
• Periodic Performance Check
• Field Troubleshooting & Diagnosis
• Upgrades
• Field Retrofits
• Service Agreements

- Facility -

Our Salina, Kansas facility houses our manufacturing, engineering and testing capabilities with over 93,000 ft2 of office, machine shop, and warehousing space.

- Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics -

We have the capability of providing instrumentation signals including:
• Turbocharger efficiency
• Turbine and compressor inlet and discharge temperatures & pressures
• Compressor air flow
• Unit vibration

- Digital Solutions -

Reduce overall operating expenses, avoid unplanned downtime, and allocate resources more efficiently with Cooper Machinery Services’ gas compression Asset Performance Management (APM) system. This tool provides a comprehensive and accurate view of your gas compression assets (engines, compressors, and balance of plant equipment) by connecting your equipment to the Industrial Internet.

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OEM Turbochargers Serviced

  • Cooper-Bessemer™

    AT13, AAT13, AT18, ET11, ET13, ET18, ET24, CB11A, CB13A, CB13B, CB18A, CB24A, TX13A, GMX (Blower), GMV (Blower), GMW (Blower)

  • Delaval™

    A-10, A-14, C-10, C-13, C-17

  • Elliott™

    L-10, H-12, H-15, L-20, H-30, H-31, H-35, L-40, L-42, H-50, H-56, H-58, L-60, H-70, H-72, H-73, H-78, L-98, L-100, H-110, H-115, BC045G, BC065G, BC080G, BC090G, HP090G, BC150G, BC280G, BC370H, BC380H, BC390H, BC425H, M-5, M-10, MH-10, BF-26, BF-34, BF-44, E-3000, E-3500

Non-OEM Turbocharger Equipment Serviced

  • ABB

    RR150, RR151, RR153, RR180, RR181, RR212, VTC254, VTR160, VTR161, VTR200, VTR201, VTR214, VTR250, VTR251, VTR254, VTR304, VTR320, VTR321, VTR354, VTR400, VTR401, VTR454, VTR500, VTR501, VTR564, VTR630, VTR631, VTR714, VTR751, TPS48, TPS57



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