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Global Users & Partners Conference - Dubai, UAE


For all Cooper Machinery Services channel partners and users of Ajax™, Cooper-Bessemer™, High Speed Reciprocating compressors, and Superior™ engines.

Coming Soon

Why Attend?

Cooper Machinery Services is the original equipment manufacturer of Ajax, Superior™ engines, Cooper-Bessemer, and High Speed Reciprocating compressors. In these sessions, you'll learn O&M and overhaul best practices, the latest safety and environmental updates, ideas to improve your asset's performance and more.  Technical training will also be provided by our product experts.  Each session will cover specific equipment so please register for the one that is most applicable.

Who Should Attend?

Reliability engineers, station operations, maintenance personnel, procurement managers or any users interested in learning more technical information about their Cooper Machinery Services equipment should attend one of these sessions.  This is a great opportunity to meet other users and to share best practices.

What is on the Agenda?

Example topics (varies by region and user feedback):

- Outage planning best practices

- Technology updates and upgrade opportunities

- Signs and indicators of engine performance

- Regional machine shop capabilities and shop tours

- Turbocharger inspection and maintenance criteria

- Material options for compressor piston rod rings