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  • Superior & Gemini HSR Compressors

    With more than 15,000 compressors installed globally, working in gas gathering, gas lift, reinjection, fuel gas boosting, CNG fueling, and vapor recovery applications, Cooper Machinery Services is a leading provider of HSR compression products. Cooper Machinery Services is the OEM of Superior™, Gemini™  & Joy™ compressor brands.

    The full line of API 11P HSR compressors provide economical, flexible and reliable solutions to meet your gas compression needs.

    Our products range from 60 to 9,000 hp (45 to 6,714 kW), with a variety of piston rod load capacities and frame stroke combinations.

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  • Ajax™ Integral & Separable Reciprocating Compressors

    Cooper Machinery Services is the OEM supplier of Ajax integral engine-compressors. Our OEM and services experience dates back to 1959. Ajax have earned a reputation for being reliable through efficient and long-lasting service. Our product line, ranging from 147 to 845 hp (110 to 630 kW), reduces overall operating costs and maintenance expenses and delivers worry-free service.

    The Advantages of AJAXTM Integral Engine-Compressors

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  • Superior™ gas engines

    Cooper Machinery Services' Superior gas engines are built for reliable, continuous, heavy-duty service.

    Available in 12 and 16 cylinder models, Superior gas engines offer optimized fuel/air mixing and timed fuel injection resulting in reduced fuel consumption requirements.

    The engine's low compression pistons reduce dynamic stress for more stable, reliable operation.

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  • Cooper-Bessemer™ Integrals

    For over 100 years, the Cooper-Bessemer engine-compressors are among the most trusted and efficient methods for gas compression. With its wide operating range and flexibility, the Cooper-Bessemer products have become known as a reliable, easy-to-maintain option for gas transmission all over the world.  Cooper Machinery Services is the OEM for Cooper-Bessemer parts.

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  • Turbochargers

    Cooper Machinery Services is the OEM for Cooper-Bessemer™, DeLaval™, and Elliott™ turbochargers.

    Since 1972, we have partnered with our customers to provide end-to-end product support, pairing the power of Cooper Machinery Services with a legacy team of experts.

    Cooper Machinery Services offers in-house precision welding and machining, a unique capability that gives our customers a competitive advantage. We offer a unit exchange program, 24/7 customer support and a dedicated truck fleet ready for immediate pickup and delivery.

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  • CNG Solutions

    Cooper Machinery Services' second-generation, optimized CNG In A Box™ technology is a modular 'plug and play' system that makes it easier to build CNG fueling stations.

    This scalable solution helps expand fueling networks by removing the financial risk that has previously limited market development.

    The CNG In A Box system makes it faster, easier, and cheaper for natural gas vehicle fleet owners to fuel their NGVs, improving their bottom line.

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