Cooper Introduces CleanBurn PlusTM Targeting 40% Methane Reduction

CleanBurn Plus
CleanBurn Plus

The reduction of greenhouse gases, particularly methane, is a key element of Cooper’s emissions reduction technology offering. To improve the environmental impact of engine-compressors operating within our industry, Cooper is pleased to announce CleanBurn Plus™, an emission reduction solution tailored to reduce fuel consumption, fuel slip, methane leakage, and unburned hydrocarbons.

Cooper’s CleanBurn Plus™ upgrade package is a comprehensive solution that can reduce methane output by up to 40% in most of the industry’s integral engine-compressors. For a fleet of engines rated collectively at 100,000 HP, this level of CO2 reduction can equal 20,000 tons/year, equivalent to the elimination of 4,348 standard passenger cars.

Our CleanBurn Plus™ upgrades are offered across our entire integral engine-compressor product line to include AJAX®, Cooper-Bessemer®, Clark, Enterprise®, Ingersoll Rand, and Worthington.

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Cooper Article Appears in ESG Review Magazine

Since Cooper Machinery Services transitioned to private ownership in late 2019, our commitment to increase the company’s focus on emissions reductions has been a cornerstone of our strategy to include solutions for both large-bore, slow-speed engines and high-speed equipment. To accomplish that goal, Cooper has improved its existing operations and acquired several new companies to support global flywheels turning for the next hundred years. We don’t want to give our clients a reason to think about retiring their horsepower, so we’re executing a deliberate and calculated plan for long-term growth that positions our company for the future without sacrificing the needs of the current marketplace. 

Over the last few years, we’ve made it clear we aren’t buying companies for the sake of headlines, but instead, putting the pieces together as part of a broader growth strategy. Cooper’s acquisitions of Epic International’s energy services business and Reciprocating Technology Services provides a way for Cooper to strengthen its position in aftermarket parts and services, particularly with Clark, Ingersoll Rand, and Worthington engines. The acquisition of the Sinor Engine Company and Energy Dynamics Inc. strengthened Cooper’s position as the original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) for the Superior engine line and served as a springboard for entry into the Waukesha VHP and Caterpillar 3600 after-sales support businesses. 

Cooper Machinery Services Upgrades

The acquisition of Hoerbiger’s Engine Legacy Solutions business enhanced Cooper’s specialty in repairs and services, but also added a significant edge when it comes to overhauls, upgrades, and emissions advancements for large reciprocating, natural gas, and dual fuel engines. And finally, the formation of Turbocharger Solutions International is all part of Cooper CEO John Sargent’s plan to “rebuild Cooper into the market leader once again.”

We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to improve and add to our emissions product offering. Today, our suite of engine and compressor upgrade products not only target combustion emissions but also greenhouse gases (GHGs), fugitive compressor emissions, and heavy metals.

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