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PTSD Foundation of America
& Camp Hope

Cooper is a proud partner of the PTSD Foundation of America & Camp Hope, organizations providing
a safe space and support for veterans returning from war with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress.

the VISION & FOCUS of the
PTSD Foundation of america/Camp Hope

The PTSD Foundation of America’s vision is to drastically reduce the Veteran suicide rate.

The Veteran’s Administration (VA) reports that we are losing 20.6 Veterans every day to suicide. They believe the actual daily suicide rate is much higher than what is being reported. Only one-third of American Veterans seek health care from the VA. If a Veteran is not involved in a VA program, then the VA would not have a way to account for that Veteran in the overall total statistics.

Furthermore, that number does not consider the many Veterans who die each day from alcohol and drug-related incidents that were fueled by an attempt to self-medicate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We estimate that the actual daily suicide rate is between 25 – 30 every day.

The PTSD Foundation of America focuses specifically on combat trauma because they believe that Veterans dealing with combat specific trauma deserve a safe environment to share their experienced trauma with other combat Veterans. They also believe that PTSD in combat Veterans contributes to the 20+ a day suicide rate. 

Providing a safe space for veterans returning from war with combat-related post traumatic stress

The intensive residential program at Camp Hope aims to provide a more comprehensive peer support and mentoring based healing for those who need more than our Warrior Groups can provide.

There is no other location like it in the United States, and to date over 1,348 Veterans have graduated from the Camp Hope program.

cooper & camp hope, a partnership

In early 2022, Cooper named Camp Hope as its “charity of choice” and will conduct company-wide fundraising campaigns and service activities on their behalf.   As part of its 2022 kick-off campaign, Cooper donated a $13,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle to Camp Hope and conducted employee meetings and outreach to generate donations.

“As we looked for the most effective ways to give back to the community, we conducted a thorough search for a charitable partner that was a natural fit for our company values,” said Matt Forcey, CMO of Cooper Machinery Services. “We were really impressed with Camp Hope’s operation and the tremendous service they provide for veterans and our community.

Get Involved

It is hard to imagine where our organization would be without the generous hearts and determined efforts of our loyal volunteers and how they supported us over the years.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the Camp Hope campus. The impact of Volunteers goes far beyond the many homes built to house Veterans going through the program or the landscaping and the facilities. It is about aligning passion with purpose! Everything that is done on this 5-acre piece of land is done to give back to our nation’s heroes.

Volunteering for the PTSD Foundation of America allows the community to be part of the hope and healing taking place here. Find out how you can become a part of the life-saving miracles.