Jordan Smith Named Vice President of Sustainability & Emerging Technologies

Cooper is pleased to announce the appointment of Jordan Smith as Vice President of Sustainability and Emerging Technologies.

Jordan is a 20-year veteran of the gas compression industry who started his career as a student working at Colorado State University’s Engines & Energy Conversion Laboratory, a renowned industry research organization dedicated to the creation of innovative energy solutions in the areas of emissions testing and monitoring, fuel technology, durability testing and modeling. After graduating from Colorado State with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Jordan joined Cameron International Corporation where he specialized in the design of retrofit emissions reduction technologies for large-bore engines for power generation and gas compression. Since his time at Cameron, Jordan has held a variety of management roles in engineering and sales in the natural gas industry and received a certification as a Professional Engineer in the state of Colorado.

Jordan will drive the company’s sustainability and new product development goals as they pertain to engine and compressor emissions reduction technologies, including exhaust emissions (NOx, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons), methane fuel slip, hydrogen as a fuel, blowdown, and future emerging technologies.

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