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cooper's superior coe

Cooper's Deer Park, Texas COE specializes in after-sale parts and services for Superior engines and compressors.

Superior Center of excellence

Sinor Engine Company, Inc. of Deer Park, Texas (Sinor) has been a market leader in the supply of parts, service, upgrades, and technical support for Superior engines and compressors since 1962. Through the years, the partnership between Sinor and Cooper has remained strong as Sinor maintained itself as one of the most respected engine and compressor after-sale suppliers in the world. In 2020, Cooper purchased Sinor and named them our global center of excellence for the Superior product line.

Sinor services all aspects of Superior engines, compressors, and associated Elliott turbochargers from its 200,000 square foot Texas facility. From new Superior parts, used parts, unit exchange components, unit exchange and zero-hour engines, and complete field or shop overhauls, Sinor stands ready.

Superior COE Core Capabilities

The Deep Park location is Cooper’s COE for Superior engines and compressors, providing the following parts, repairs, and services:

  • Vast inventory of new genuine OEM parts
  • Inventory of remanufactured and unit exchange components
  • Inventory of rebuilt zero-hour engines enabling quick swing of customer engines
  • Tailor inventory to customer specific needs
  • Full shop and field overhauls
  • New Superior 12 cylinders and 16 cylinders SGTD engines
  • Three (3) Dynamometers
  • Elliott turbocharger repairs and unit exchange
  • Highly experienced field service crews
  • Highly experienced inside sales and service technicians

Superior COE specialty machining tool

  • Rottler seat cutting machine
  • Rottler connecting rod hone
  • Seven (7) CNC machines of varying types

Dynamometer and Load Tests​

At the Superior engine COE, we try to implement ideas that benefit our customers while also saving them money. One of these is our three (3) water brake dynamometers that allow us to test run Superior engines under operating load. It is standard practice to load test all of our overhauled Superior engines. The Superior COE has performed load tests for various customers who want to make any necessary engine adjustments before their unit is installed at its final location.

Proven Results

COOPER CASE STUDY: A west Texas customer recently suffered a substantial crankshaft failure on their Superior high-speed separable 16SGTB engine. They were in a deep bind and needed to have their engine back online as soon as possible. The Sinor shop was able to build an engine from scratch, test it, and paint it within a week, and then exchange and install it the following week. The customer was down for less than two weeks. There is no other company that has the parts on-hand and the experienced personnel to carry out such a task within this time period.

Location Information

Address1100 Georgia Avenue
Deer Park, Texas 77536
Property10 acres
Roofline200,000 ft2

5-ton cranes (3)
7.5-ton cranes (2)
10-ton crane (1) 
15-ton cranes (4)
30-ton crane (1)
40-ton cranes (2)
dozens of multiple jib cranes in the departments



VP Operations

Operations Manager

Operations Director

CSR / Overhaul Coordinator

CSR / Parts Manager

CSR / Account Manager

Jermaul Felix
Mobile 832-270-0743

Outside Sales Manager

Service Manager / Technical Consultant

Shop Supervisor / Lead Mechanic

Jason Sabrlatura
Mobile 713-202-8617