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Northwest, U.S.

Cooper’s Casper, Wyoming service shop provides full after-sale support for large-bore and small-bore engines and compressors.

The casper Service Shop

Cooper’s Casper, Wyoming service shop, parts distribution warehouse and manufacturing center offers a diverse array of services, including in-house and onsite engine and compressor repairs and overhauls, versatile spray coating, parts manufacturing, and comprehensive pump repairs.    

Established in 1977, the Casper service center specializes in engine and compressor repairs and overhauls for all the brands that Cooper services (see below) and is our center of excellence for Enterprise power and compression engines. The shop is a certified nuclear cylinder head repair facility and maintains a stock of exchange units to get customers up and running quickly in an emergency. 

The Casper shop has two High-Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) spray coating booths, giving us the capacity and flexibility to treat a variety of performance-sensitive equipment, including compressor rods, mud motors, and even non-oil and gas industry parts and tools. The Casper facility is also a center of excellence for pump repair of all kinds, including vertical, horizontal, split case, multi-stage, oil, water, and more.

Center of Excellence for Enterprise Engines

Our Casper facility serves as the Enterprise engine center of excellence within Cooper’s global support network. The Casper shop is a certified nuclear cylinder head repair facility and is the only certified shop globally to manufacture new and repaired Enterprise R-4 steel heads for nuclear tertiary back-up engines. We maintain a stock of exchange components to get you up and running quickly during an emergency breakdown or for general maintenance activities. With backing from our dedicated Cooper OEM engineering department, the Casper facility manufactures and refurbishes many of the components in the Enterprise product line.

casper shop Core Capabilities

The Casper service shop is a Cooper regional shop/warehouse for genuine OEM parts and service, covering the following reciprocating compression and engine products:

This location specializes in the following types of service and repair:

This location has the following specialty machining tools:

Proven Results

A Wyoming customer recently experienced a catastrophic event on one of their Cooper-Bessemer KM-5 compressors. The Casper team dispatched a service crew immediately to assist in unit tear-down and inspection. The crankshaft, compressor base, distance pieces, piston rods, and four of the five crosshead guides were sent to the Casper repair center for full inspection and repair. The Casper facility repaired the #4 distance piece for temporary use until a new one became available. Our engineering group provided quick guidance on full inspection and modifications. We re-coated four compressor piston rods with Tungsten Carbide via our HVOF process in our spray booth. Kudos to our Casper team for executing the full breadth and depth of our offerings as the O.E.M. for the Cooper-Bessemer product line.

Location Information

Phone 307-265-7653
Address 1950 North Loop Avenue
Casper, Wyoming 82601
Established 1977
Property 10 acres
Roofline 41,680 sq. ft.
Shop 33,180 sq. ft.
Warehouse 2,500 sq. ft.
Office 6,000 sq. ft.
Equipment 5-ton cranes (3) 10-ton cranes (2)


Northwest Regional Director

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Casper Project Manager

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Field Machining

Lance Bradford

Northwest Leader

Lance Bradford is a 40+ year compression industry veteran, working many years with Compressor Pump and Engine Inc. (CP&E) in Casper, Wyoming. At CP&E, he worked his way up from a machinist, shop foreman, materials manager, and sales. Lance spent the past 24 years working for Kinder Morgan, Inc. During his final eight years at Kinder Morgan, he was the Director of Mechanical Support, managing 150+ mechanics throughout the U.S.