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Reciprocating Compressor
Course & Workshop


Reciprocating Compressor
Course & Workshop

Ariel, Clark, Gemini, Ingersoll Rand, Superior, and Worthington Compressors

Cooper offers a Reciprocating Compressor course & hands-on workshop to operators, mechanics, technicians, & maintenance/equipment specialists.

Course Dates:

  • March 13-16, 2023 (Houston, TX)
  • June 12-15, 2023 (Houston, TX)
  • October 16-19, 2023 (Houston, TX)

Target Audience: Operators, mechanics, technicians, engineers, and maintenance/equipment specialists responsible for the safe day-to-day operation and care of high-speed, separable compressors

Goal: Knowledge & comprehension of the equipment components and their function, basic operation, and common maintenance practices used with the high-speed compressor and accessories.

Prerequisites: None

Reciprocating Compressor Course & Workshop Pricing

Course TypeDurationCostMaximum Participants
Classroom + Hands-On 4 days$1,950 per person6

Reciprocating Compressor Course & Workshop Topics

Classroom Activities include:

  • Course introduction & pre-exam
  • Product overview 
  • Major components
  • Compression Fundamentals
  • Frame and running gear lubrication
  • Force feed lubrication
  • Rod Packing
  • Rings and rider bands
  • Valves and capacity control
  • Performance curves
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance schedules and tools
  • Q&A
  • Written course exam

Hands-On Maintenance Activities include:

  • Compressor valve 
  • Force feed lubrication
  • Piston and rod maintenance
  • Compressor alignment and rod runout inspections
  • Frame and crankshaft alignment inspections
  • Hands-on competency exam (optional)

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Cooper’s Gulf Coast Houston, Texas parts, service shop, manufacturing, and corporate engineering center offers a diverse array of services including in-house engine and compressor repairs and overhauls, parts manufacturing, parts warehousing, and technical support from our onsite corporate engineering team. 

Established in 2005, the current Houston service center provides after-sale support for all the major engine and compressor brands from Cooper (see below). We are in the same building as our corporate engineering team and central parts distribution center, so our response time to customer needs is fast and never compromised by long distance communications. 



In March 2022, Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper) successfully tested a slow-speed integral engine running on a hydrogen (H2) fuel blend (95% natural gas and 5% hydrogen by volume). This month, Cooper greatly exceeded industry expectations by successfully testing the same engine with a fuel blend of 30% H2 by volume, achieving significant reductions in CO, CO2, THC, and methane emissions.

CleanBurn Plus™ two-stroke AJAX® 2802

Cooper Awarded Enterprise R-3 Engine-Generator Project by the United States Space Force

Houston, TX, September 12, 2022 –(– Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper), LLC, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, has been awarded a contract by the United States Space Force (U.S.S.F.) to overhaul two of the six backup Enterprise R3 engine-generator sets stationed inside the Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station in Colorado.