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turbocharger facilities

TSI's centers-of-excellence provide new turbochargers and full after-sale support for all your turbocharger needs.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Turbocharger Solutions International

Turbocharger facilities

TSI maintains two Kansas, USA facilities to serve the market’s turbocharger needs. Our Salina, Kansas location houses our manufacturing, engineering, and testing capabilities with over 93,000 ft of office, machine shop, and warehousing space. Our McPherson, Kansas facility houses welding, machining, and assembly capabilities with 42,000 ftof shop and warehouse space. Our turbocharger facilities are models of operating efficiency and new technologies. Here, TSI brings together the entire range of turbocharger solutions, including product development and lean manufacturing, repair and testing, and inventory and shipping. Thanks to the collaborative work of facility engineers, customers enjoy even quicker response and a much more effective team effort.

Closed-Loop Turbocharger Facilities Testing

Proper turbocharger testing is vital to achieve exceptional performance, and only TSI maintains sophisticated in-house testing capabilities for quick, reliable results. Our 6,200 square-foot test cell houses two turbocharger test stands that permit testing of all our turbo lines. This closed-loop system simulates actual on-engine conditions with two gas-fired burners. Real-time internet test monitoring allows the option of remote witness testing.

Testing capabilities for large and small turbochargers include mechanical, design point, and compressor mapping tests, giving our customers the utmost confidence in a proven, verified product. Testing is used to establish baseline performance data, facilitate troubleshooting, and enable product enhancements. As a matter of policy, every new TSI turbocharger is tested before delivery, as are all new turbocharger upgrades when first developed. Upon request, customers are welcome to take advantage of our testing and expert engineering analysis for rebuilt turbochargers.

Turbocharger Facilities core capabilities

turbocharger specialty machining tools

Proven Results

At TSI, we distinguish ourselves by continuously finding innovative ways to improve our manufacturing technologies. Our engineering team — comprised of engineers, technicians, and craftsmen — are dedicated to developing value added, innovative solutions for our customers. From our custom door-to-door pickup and delivery to our premium product offerings, our commitment remains steadfast in maintaining legendary service our customers have come to expect.

We have been very successful understanding the various challenges our customers face by going into the field and using data gathering devices on pieces of equipment, which are able to record information on the application in real time. This data gathering system measures engine operating parameters.

Location Information

Address1648 West Magnolia Road
Salina, Kansas 67401
Property11 acres
Roofline93,000 ft2
Shop46,000 ft2
Warehouse 11,000 ft2

5-ton crane (3)
3-ton crane (1)
2-ton crane (10)
1-ton crane (12)
1/2-ton crane (9)
1/4-ton crane (2)

Address1404 Mohawk Road
McPherson, Kansas 67460
Property7 acres
Roofline42,000 ft2
Shop27,000 ft2
Warehouse15,000 ft2
Equipment5-ton cranes (3)
3-ton cranes (1)
1-ton cranes (7)
1/2-ton cranes (2)



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