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The core of Cooper's E.S.G. journey

Environmental Protection

Environmental protection has always been at the core of how Cooper conducts its business. We have been very active for decades in reducing our hazardous waste, managing water usage, and improving energy efficiency. For example, we recently replaced all of our facility lighting with energy efficient LED lights to help reduce our electricity consumption. But Cooper goes far beyond lightbulbs and water conservation in our efforts to protect the environment as we place environmental protection into our thinking when we develop our product and service offerings. Several examples: Cooper recently eliminated chrome and tin from our power cylinder and piston manufacturing process. We now offer a full suite of used parts and refurbished engines that keep customers from having to replace their equipment with expensive and environmentally unfriendly new products. We offer the world’s most complete product suite for emissions reduction and can get today’s integral and separable gas engines down to 0.5 gram/bhp-hr NOx. These are just a few examples of how Cooper is at the forefront of environmental protection in our industry.


Cooper created better products and eliminated hazardous chrome- and tin-plating processes by developing new plating processes for our power pistons and cylinders. Chrome plating is hazardous for the environment, uses toxic acid baths and produces hazardous byproducts, which may cause various health conditions and pollution risks. Similar concerns apply to tin plating.

We eliminated chrome plating by introducing electrolytic hard iron plating to protect and restore power cylinders. It works better and it’s far safer. And our chrome plating of power cylinders allows the customer to repair his cylinders and avoid the expensive and environmentally costly process of attaining newly built parts.

We completely replaced tin plating with dual-coated manganese phosphate and graphite technology for protection of power pistons. This is also a much better process.


Disposal of worn-out engine or compressor parts or outdated compressor packages can be costly and a significant drain on the environment. And building new ones can be even more expensive and detrimental. In order to reduce the environmental impact, repairing parts and repurposing of old compressor packages is the right choice. Cooper is committed to helping our customers extend the life of their equipment and bringing environmentally sustainable solutions to the market.

Besides the environmental impact, component repair and equipment refurbishment also provide our customers significant savings. We inspect and evaluate used cores and remanufacture them to our exacting standards. We operate numerous service locations in the United States and worldwide, each staffed by experienced personnel and equipped to restore parts for all makes of large reciprocating engines and compressors.

The lead times for a used package will be much shorter compared to a newly built package, and our O.E.M. certified refurbished packages carry the same warranties and guarantees as our new compressors. And consider the cost savings and environmental impact of refurbishing a new part or compressor in lieu of building new.

our suite of e.s.g. products

Cooper has a complete suite of products designed to reduce engine emissions, increase efficiency, and eliminate the need for the purchase of newly built products. Every new product and service we bring to the market is conceptualized and designed with some element of sustainability in mind. It is part of our process. It is part of who Cooper is.

QHSE commitment, policies, & Certifications

The safety of our employees and customers, the health of our environment, and the protection of the public are all core values at Cooper. We are committed to delivering the best quality and safest products and services in the industry.

Our zero-injury culture drives every element of our business. Training, prevention, policies, procedures, feedback and continual improvement are all keys to maintaining safety as one of our key metrics.

E.S.G. at Cooper

Helping Our Customers with their journey