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Engine Controls

Our Engine Controls systems are specifically designed to ensure your engine runs reliably and safely across a wide range of fuel gas and load requirements while maintaining optimal driven equipment performance. With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, we provide reliable and efficient solutions that meet your unique needs and help maximize your productivity.


Cooper offers complete OEM Supported engine & compressor control system upgrade for Superior, AJAX, Waukesha, and CAT engine applications. Systems are designed to enable the engine to run reliably across a wide range of fuel gas and load requirements maintaining driven equipment performance and safety. Cooper Control Systems support a wide array of standalone engine controls as needed control over driven equipment process parameters. The systems are 100% adaptable – so that each system it can be fine-tuned to customer and site-specific requirements. By utilizing industry standard and proven technology the system can be easily supported by the end-user customer as well maintain forward compatibility to future controls system advancements. There are no Cooper special monthly or annual software or licensing fee to access and make changes once the system is programmed. All tuning capabilities are available via the System HMI. Access to parameters is password protected with various administration levels that can be determined by the customer. The control system comes with a NEMA 4 (CSA Class 1 Division. 2) certification for environment and hazardous area compliance.

Cooper uses stand-alone engine controls products to ensure the end-user has the ability to manage the complete engine performance control, as well as the driven equipment process.

Engine Controls

Engine Controls Functions


Stand-alone engine control products provide the ability to manage the complete engine performance controls.

Graphite HMI

MTB Board for Engine Controls

MTB - I/O Board


PLC Module for Engine Controls

PLC Modules

CPU for Engine Controls


CPU 2000 for Engine Controls


Detonation for Engine Controls


ActuCom for Engine Controls

ActuCom R*