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Turbochargers for compression & Power engines

In 2020, Cooper strengthened its turbocharger offering through the acquisition of the Archrock Turbocharger Division.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Turbocharger Solutions International

TSI, Cooper's New Turbocharger Team

In 2020, Cooper purchased the Archrock Turbocharger Division and combined it with our own Turbine Specialties group to create Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI), a stand-alone turbocharger division run by the industry’s finest turbocharger experts. TSI is the original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) for Cooper-Bessemer®, DeLaval®, and Elliott® turbochargers. TSI provides parts, repairs, and full service for ABB, Alco, CAT, Clark, MAN, and Napier turbochargers. Founded as a three-person shop in Salina, Kansas in 1972, TSI has grown to become the largest and most complete new turbocharger repair company in the United States. TSI primarily serves the gas pipeline, petroleum, power generation, marine, military, and locomotive industries. TSI has established an enviable reputation for quality work, on-time performance, and technical expertise. Products and services include parts, repair, new and remanufactured turbochargers, retrofit packages, turbocharger testing, upgrade/re-aero services, training, and a substantial offering of unit exchange (UX) programs.
Cooper Machinery Services Turbochargers, Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI)
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Meeting the Technical Challenges of our Industry

Our Engineering and Technical Support personnel understand the various challenges our turbocharger customers encounter. We strive to continually develop innovative solutions for our customers and our manufacturing processes. Our team of experts can offer innovative solutions to your most demanding challenges including new product development and testing in our state-of-the-art closed-loop testing facility. Our turbocharger staff includes engineers, technical support representatives, quality inspectors, test cell operators, and technicians to measure and guarantee customer-specified air requirements.

Only TSI gives customers a dedicated engineering team, ready to roll up their sleeves to solve problems quickly in person or over the phone. We provide performance audits and can make recommendations for upgrades and retrofits designed to keep you up and running profitably, year in and year out. We also offer customized turbocharger training at our customers’ facilities, our facilities, or in conjunction with Cooper’s engine schools.

TSI is the premier industrial turbocharger supplier in the U.S. As the O.E.M. for Cooper-Bessemer, DeLaval, and Elliott brands and non-O.E.M. provider for ABB, Alco, Dresser Rand, GE, MAN, and Napier brands in the oil and gas, power generation (including nuclear), marine, and rail markets, TSI provides parts, repairs, upgrades, testing, and exchange services. 

Facilities – Salina and McPherson

TSI maintains two Kansas facilities to serve the market’s turbocharger needs. Our Salina, Kansas
location houses our manufacturing, engineering, and testing capabilities with over 93,000 ft2 of office, machine shop, and warehousing space. Our McPherson, Kansas facility houses welding, machining, and assembly capabilities with 42,000 ft2 of shop and warehouse space.

New & Reman Turbochargers and UX Program

Besides new and remanufactured turbocharger offerings, TSI also offers reliable exchange turbochargers for the majority of popular engines. Customers receive pricing based on the condition of the core without the risk of additional charges. Stocked units can be shipped same or next day. Every UX turbocharger carries the Cooper guarantee. 

Field Repair Services and Capabilities

Our global service team offers you flexibility with your Turbocharger service, rebuild, and upgrade needs. TSI engineering expertise and field experience allows us to upgrade turbochargers for all applications. We can re-aero our O.E.M. equipment as well as other O.E.M. products to meet increased emissions and performance requirements. Our engineering team has extensive experience and can handle any turbocharger performance improvement challenge.

Turbochargers - Parts Inventory

TSI maintains a vast, multi-million-dollar source of new, used, and rebuilt aftermarket parts. TSI also maintains complete turbos and special tooling. Most of our OEM parts are manufactured on site to ensure quality control and reliability. Our ERP system give us a to-the-minute record of our
inventory, as well as the inventory we manage for our customers.

Turbochargers - Upgrades

For decades, TSI has been providing technology and engineering services for turbocharger upgrades for all makes and models of integral and separable engines and compressors. With our advanced technologies, expertise, and project management experience, we offer upgrades to reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower, improve efficiencies and reliability of your equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. TSI has the ideal combination of products and expertise required to upgrade your turbochargers to meet or exceed the emissions and performance levels you need. 

Closed-Loop Testing Cell

Proper turbocharger testing is vital to achieving exceptional performance, and only TSI maintains sophisticated in-house testing capabilities for quick, reliable results. Our 6,200 ft2 test cell houses two turbocharger test stands that permit testing of all Cooper turbocharger lines. This closed-loop system simulates actual on-engine conditions with two gas-fired burners. Real time internet test monitoring allows the option of remote witness testing.

Turbocharger Upgrades

TST20000Type-J Thermocouple Bearing Package Upgrade - ET18Type-J thermocouple blower end bearing package allows for continual temperature monitoring and trendingCooper-Bessemer ET18 modelMaintenance, Efficiency
TST20001Compressor Stage Upgrade - ET18New 5-axis milled forging impeller for increased strength and efficiency and a new diffuser designCooper-Bessemer ET18 modelEmissions, Efficiency
TST20001Turbine Stage Upgrade - ET18Cast aluminum impellers, new turbine broach angle design and optimized turbine matching to your applicationCooper-Bessemer ET18 modelEmissions, Efficiency
TST20001External/Auxiliary Seal Air System - ET18 With the External/ Auxiliary Seal Air System, more consistent air pressure is supplied to the oil seals when the turbo is at low rpm or not spinningCooper-Bessemer ET18 model
TST20002Compressor Stage Upgrade - ET24New 5-axis milled forging impeller for increased strength and efficiency and a new diffuser designCooper-Bessemer ET24 modelEmissions, Efficiency
TST20002Thermocouple-equipped Thrust Bearing for Equipment Protection - ET24Stainless steel braided cover and Iron constantan type thermocoupleCooper-Bessemer ET24 modelMaintenance, Reliability
TST20002External/Auxiliary Seal Air System - ET24 With the External/ Auxiliary Seal Air System, more consistent air pressure is supplied to the oil seals when the turbo is at low rpm or not spinningCooper-Bessemer ET24 modelMaintenance
TST20003Compressor Stage Upgrade - CB13ANew 5-axis milled impeller from high strength forged aluminum alloy billet for increased strength, fin uniformity, and improved surface finish ; Jet Assit geometry redesignedCooper-Bessemer CB13A modelEfficiency, Reliability
TST20003Turbine Stage Upgrade - CB13ATurbine disk and blade geometry configurations available to maximize reaction at various exhaust flows, temperatures, and pressures; Variety of nozzle ring configurations available for flexibility in turbine flow matching requirements. Cooper-Bessemer CB13A modelEfficiency, Reliability
TST20003Thermocouple-equipped Thrust Bearing for Equipment Protection - CB13AStainless steel braided cover; Type J thermocoupleCooper-Bessemer CB13A modelMaintenance, Reliability
TST20004Compressor Stage Upgrade - HP090New compressor inlet casing; New 5-axis milled forging impeller for increased strength and efficiency ; New diffuser designElliott HP090 modelEfficiency, Reliability
TST20004Turbine Stage Upgrade - HP090Optimized turbine matching to your application for maximum performance › New turbine broach angle design for increased efficiency and optimal flow anglesElliott HP090 modelEmissions, Efficiency
TST20004Thermocouple-equipped Thrust Bearing for Equipment Protection - HP090New thrust bearing equipped with a thermocouple is installed.Elliott HP090 modelMaintenance, Reliability
TST20005Thermocouple-equipped Thrust Bearing for Equipment Protection - HP090G#24 AWG solid TFE Teflon insulated leads; Stainless steel braided cover; Copper constantan type thermocoupleElliott HP090G modelMaintenance, Reliability
TST20006Compressor Stage Upgrade - L40/H50/BC370HNew modern impeller design; New optimized diffuser designElliott L40, H50 and BC370H modelsEmissions, Efficiency
TST20006Turbine Stage Upgrade - L40/H50/BC370HNew turbine blade designs; Increased turbine disk broach angles for more optimal flow angles; Improved turbine matching to specific applicationsElliott L40, H50 and BC370H modelsEmissions, Efficiency
TST20006Tachometer Installation - L40/H50/BC370H2 pulses per revolution for rotation speed measurement; External mounting allows easy access for adjustment and replacementElliott L40, H50 and BC370H modelsReliability
TST20009Compressor Stage Upgrade - C17New modern impeller design with purely radial exit; New optimized diffuser design; Newly designed compressor inlet with air foil like struts to maximize efficiencyDeLaval C17 modelEmissions, Efficiency
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