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New reciprocating
Engines & Compressors

You can count on Cooper engines and compressors for
flexibility, quality, reliability, and the lowest life-cycle cost.

Operating Value Is Our Cornerstone

AJAX, Gemini, and Superior reciprocating engines and compressors are built to work long and hard in any gas application. A variety of options are available, including air-cooled and water-cooled, lubricated and non-lubricated, lined and unlined cylinders. Our Cooper machines are designed to be flexible with an extensive variety of frames built to provide a broad range of horsepower and speed.


Cooper’s CFA couple-free compressor provides a revolutionary design that delivers low mechanical vibrations, lower fatigue stresses and higher reliability. This allows for lower packaging costs and a lifetime of lower maintenance costs. The CFA compressor reaches¬†1,800 RPM, has a max power of 580 HP and a total rod load of 27,000 lbs. The compact design yields a small footprint, and it is ideal for portable skids and CNG applications.

AJAX Integral Engine-Compressors

148 to 845 hp (110 to 640 kW)
The reliable two-stroke design of legendary AJAX engines makes them one of the most maintenance-free engine-compressor offerings on the market.

Gemini Separable Compressors

60 to 800 hp (45 to 597 kW)
The Gemini line of API reciprocating compressors provides customers with economic, flexible, and reliable solutions to meet their gas compression needs.

Superior Separable Compressors

290 to 9,000 hp (216 to 6,711 kW)
Superior compressors have been designed for flexibility, longevity, and low maintenance costs. From API 618 to standard gas transmission, Superior is the name to trust.

Superior Engines

2,000 to 2,650 hp (1,490 to 1,975 kW)
Superior turbocharged gas engines are medium-speed and built for continuous, heavy-duty service.

Cooper's Advanced Technology

Cooper engineers have developed numerous advanced technologies which offer a distinct advantage over other gas compression products available in the market.

powerflow application

PowerFlow Sizing Software

Our PowerFlow compressor sizing tool provides easy-to-use interface for sizing and selecting new compressors or for resizing any of our OEM equipment.