A Return To Independence

With roots that can be traced back to 1833, the Cooper brand has a strong heritage in the oil and gas industry. In its 186-year history, it has been part of Bessemer, Cameron, GE, and Baker Hughes, a GE Company (BHGE). In August, BHGE sold its Reciprocating Compressor Division to Arcline Investment Management, a private equity firm with offices in San Francisco and New York, USA. The deal introduces Cooper Machinery Services and effectively returns the Cooper brand to independent operation for the first time in decades.

Headquartered in Houston, USA, Cooper Machinery Services now takes ownership of such stalwart brands as Cooper-Bessemer, AJAX, Superior, Gemini, Enterprise, TSI Turbochargers, and Texcentric. “There is a lot of nostalgia with the Cooper brand,” said Meraj Anas, president, Cooper Machinery Services. “We reached out to our employees around the world and asked them to give us their recommendation on the company name. Over the course of three days, we received over one hundred suggestions. More than 90% of those had Cooper in the name. There’s a lot of pride there. We came up with Cooper Machinery Services to pay tribute to the Cooper heritage that began in 1833 and to bring the brand back to the spotlight.”

Anas points to the speed at which the company moved to finalize its name and branding as an indication of what lies ahead. “Speed of decision-making is something that we’re …

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