Cooper to Modify a Cooper-Bessemer GMWA-8 in Brazoria County

Houston, TX, October 12, 2022  ( – Cooper continues to make headway in our industry’s emissions reduction efforts. Helping customers reduce emissions and increase horsepower on existing equipment is what we do, and this time it is right here at home in Brazoria County, Texas.

A customer in Brazoria County contacted Cooper Machinery Services to modify and uprate an existing reciprocating compressor unit from 2000 to 2700 hp (1492 to 2014 kW) at its Compressor Station 4 in Matagorda County, Texas, as part of its Brazoria County project. The purpose of the project is to enable deliver up to 68,000 million Btu/d of new firm transportation service.

Modifications to Compressor Station 4 involves converting the Cooper-Bessemer compressor from a Model GMWA-8 configuration to a Model GMWH-8C configuration, which will improve unit efficiency, power output, and reduce NOx emissions.

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