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Waukesha VHP engines

Cooper is now a complete provider of parts, service, repairs, and upgrades for Waukesha VHP engines.
Cooper Emerging Legends Series

waukesha vhp Overview

Cooper has expanded its aftermarket service offerings for the Waukesha VHP engine product line with its acquisition of Energy Dynamics LLC (EnDyn) in February 2020. EnDyn has been a market leader in the supply of parts, service, upgrades, and technical support for Waukesha and other brand engines and compressors since 1978.

Cooper, through EnDyn Waukesha VHP engines, services all aspects of Waukesha engines from its 71,000 sq.ft. facility in Alice, Texas. We maintain a vast inventory of new spare parts, maintenance kits, and remanufactured and exchange components to provide 100% coverage for your Waukesha engines. In addition to replacement parts, Cooper provides reconditioned and exchange “zero hour” overhauled engines (dyno operated and approved), to better serve our customers’ requirements. To further enhance the performance of your legacy Waukesha VHP engines, our engineering team has developed many control modernization, ignition, and parts upgrades.

Waukesha vhp Parts

We have a complete product line of overhaul parts for VHP Series 2 (7042, 3521, 9390) model units. We are constantly expanding our offerings to include other product models. We provide 100% coverage for all of your parts requirements, including complete water pumps, exhaust manifolds, front end gears, oil pumps, cylinder heads, hydraulic push rods, and cam follower assemblies.

waukesha vhp service & repairs

Cooper has provided a complete line of engine field and shop services for Waukesha engines for decades. From preventative maintenance, to shop and field overhauls, to field machining, to repairs in our many global shops, our Cooper service teams are fully trained on Waukesha engines and stand ready to assist our customers with all their service needs.

waukesha vhp UPGRADES

Cooper is your one-stop-shop for both technology and engineering services upgrades for your Waukesha engine. With our advanced technologies, expertise, and project management experience, we offer Waukesha upgrades to reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower, improve efficiencies and reliability of your equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

To further strengthen our upgrade portfolio for Waukesha engines, Cooper acquired HOERBIGER’s Engines Services (HES) division in 2019. Cooper now offers even more upgrade technologies including the HyperLogic™, ePCC™, ePFI™, and control panel upgrades. The Engine Services team offers engine emissions reduction and efficiency improvement upgrades, applicable to all types of Waukesha engines.

waukesha vhp center of excellence

To further strengthen our Waukesha product offering, Cooper recently acquired Energy Dynamics LLC (EnDyn) located in Alice, Texas. EnDyn is recognized globally as a supplier of parts, service, repairs, and exchange engines for the Waukesha product line. After its acquisition, the EnDyn location was named our Cooper center of excellence for our Waukesha product line.


A Rich Legacy

EnDyn was started by two former Cooper employees in 1978. Since then, it has been a market leader in the supply of parts, service upgrades, and technology support for AJAX and Waukesha engines and compressors. Cooper has been a legendary leader in gas compression and power generation for nearly two centuries. With our acquisition of EnDyn, our Waukesha VHP technical expertise and parts and service offerings have grown exponentially to support our customers.

Waukesha Upgrades

CPE20001Electronic Pre-Combustion Chamber (ePCC)Electronically controlled pre-combustion chamber check valve (ePCC™) precisely controls fuel injection and allows the engine to run consistently smoother and cleanerCombustion Stability, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20002HyperLogicTM SystemAdvanced air/fuel ratio control system for two- and four-stroke, turbocharged, spark-ignited enginesEfficiency, Emissions, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20004Canada’s Engine Emissions RegulationsNew solution for high-speed pre-chamber engines specifically focused on satisfying the Federal Rule while also qualifying for Alberta GHG Offset & Carbon Trading Funding.Emissions
CPE20008Electronic Port Fuel Injector (ePFI)A solenoid operated fuel valve and electronic control system designed for large, four cycle natural gas enginesEfficiency, Emissions, Reliability
Control Panel UpgradesControl panel upgrades tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements for most makes and model of gas compression and power generation engines.Combustion stability, Efficiency, Emission, Reliability, Maintenance


Product ModelBore x Stroke (in)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated HP
P9390GSI9⅜ x 8½12002250
P9390GSI9⅜ x 8½12001980
L7044GSI9⅜ x 8½12001680
L7042GSI9⅜ x 8½12001480
L7044L9⅜ x 8½1200920
L5794GSI8½ x 8½12001380
L5794LT8½ x 8½12001450
L5774LT8½ x 8½12001280
F3524GSI9⅜ x 8½1200840
F3514GSI9⅜ x 8½1200740
F3524GSI9⅜ x 8½1200460
P9390G9⅜ x 8½12001366
L7042G9⅜ x 8½12001025
F3521G9⅜ x 8½1200515

The Emerging LegendsTM Series is a portfolio of new products and services that advance our industry and transform Cooper’s traditional way of doing business. Emerging Legends serves as a testament to Cooper’s commitment to optimizing the life of legacy engine and compressor assets, helping our customers preserve their legacy equipment, and bringing environmentally sustainable solutions to the industry.

Cooper Machinery Services is an after-sale provider of parts and services for WAUKESHA engines. WAUKESHA and VHP are trademarks of INNIO Waukesha Gas Engines Inc.