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Cooper-Bessemer Integral
Engine & Compressor Parts

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M.) of Cooper-Bessemer engines and compressors,
Cooper is a one-stop shop for all your engine and compressor parts needs.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Cooper-Bessemer Engines

Cooper-Bessemer integral engine & Compressor parts

As the O.E.M. of legendary Cooper-Bessemer integral gas engines and compressors, Cooper is committed to supplying all of your parts needs with quality and on-time delivery as our primary goals. 

Becoming the supplier-of-choice in the engine and compressor after-sale support business is no easy task. Customers demand many things from their parts provider, from quality products to on-time delivery to a company that stands behind its work. An embrace and understanding of these demands is why Cooper is in business.

Genuine O.E.M. Cooper-Bessemer parts are backed with decades of engineering, manufacturing, and in-field experience in material wear. We provide spare engine and compressor parts that are manufactured to the latest standards and technical advancements. Cooper is committed to stocking and delivering parts to our customers quickly and efficiently, and that’s why we house tens-of-thousands of different parts numbers for all the major brands of engines and compressors at our dedicated central distribution center in Houston, Texas and in our field locations around the world.  Cooper offers a strong and integrity-backed warranty, and we go the extra mile for our customers when their engines and compressors encounter problems in the field.

Cooper-Bessemer Connecting Rod

parts for every Cooper-Bessemer model


On-Time-Delivery is Our Goal

Cooper is committed to stocking wear parts for all the major lines of engines and compressors we serve. We’ve made a commitment to house those components in all of our global locations from our central distribution center in Houston, Texas to our warehouse in eastern China. Cooper leads with the technical advancements needed to ship parts accurately and on-time to all corners of the world including digital scanners, product trackers, and up-to-date customer messaging of product delivery status.


In March 2022, Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper) successfully tested a slow-speed integral engine running on a hydrogen (H2) fuel blend (95% natural gas and 5% hydrogen by volume). This month, Cooper greatly exceeded industry expectations by successfully testing the same engine with a fuel blend of 30% H2 by volume, achieving significant reductions in CO, CO2, THC, and methane emissions.

CleanBurn Plus™ two-stroke AJAX® 2802

Cooper Awarded Enterprise R-3 Engine-Generator Project by the United States Space Force

Houston, TX, September 12, 2022 –(– Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper), LLC, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, has been awarded a contract by the United States Space Force (U.S.S.F.) to overhaul two of the six backup Enterprise R3 engine-generator sets stationed inside the Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station in Colorado.