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Cooper's enterprise coe

Cooper's Casper, WY COE specializes in after-sale parts and services for Enterprise engines and compressors.

enterprise center of excellence (COE)

Cooper is the OEM for the famous line of Enterprise engines and compressors. Enterprise products are deployed globally in gas compression, power generation, marine applications, and nuclear standby. Just like other Cooper products, Enterprise engines have a rich legacy and have been in service since 1917.

Cooper’s facility in Casper, Wyoming serves as the Enterprise center of excellence (COE) within Cooper’s global support network. The shop is a certified nuclear cylinder head repair facility and is the only certified shop to manufacture new and repaired Enterprise R-4 steel heads for the nuclear industry.

We maintain a stock of Enterprise exchange components to get you back up and running during an emergency breakdown or to perform general maintenance activities. With backing from our dedicated engineering department, our COE in Casper manufactures and refurbishes many of the components in the Enterprise product line.

Our parts, shop, and field service personnel stand ready to provide top of the line quality services for all your Enterprise engine and compressor units, in all applications ranging from pipeline, power generation, marine, and nuclear standby.

enterprise COE Core Capabilities

This location specializes in the following types of service and repair:

  • Only certified shop to manufacture and repair Enterprise R-4 steel heads for the Nuclear industry
  • Nuclear certified welder and equipment
  • Metalizing and tungsten carbide spray coating
  • Certified nuclear power head repairs
  • Engine block, liner, camshaft, and connecting rod repair
  • Comprehensive pump repair
  • Compressor cylinder repair
  • Compressor piston and rod manufacturing
  • CFT compressor ring and rider band manufacturing
  • Bushing manufacturing
  • Parts warehouse
  • Tungsten coating of non-OEM parts
  • Project management

enterprise COE specialty machining tools

This location has the following specialty machining tools:

  • Welding shop capable of welding Stellite
  • 5,000 IB stress relief oven
  • Hydro static test bunker
  • Centrifugal grinder with 24” swing and 145” grinding length
  • 5” horizontal boring mill
  • 100-ton horizontal press
  • 48” x 144” horizontal lathe
  • 55” vertical turret lathe
  • IRD balancing machine
  • Full-service valve and packing case repairs

proven results

Cooper Case Study: Cooper’s Enterprise COE specializes in providing parts, service, repair, and engineering for Enterprise diesel, dual fuel, and spark ignited engines. Recently, we assisted a waste water treatment plant customer on the west coast in servicing their HVA engine. Shown in the picture is a cast steel spark ignited power head with an integral pre-combustion chamber being welded before returning to service. Our Enterprise cast steel head repairs include inspection, welding, and machining and are returned to the customer in “like new” condition with a hydrotest.

Location Info

Address1950 North Loop Avenue
Casper, Wyoming 82602
Roofline10 acres
Warehouse41,680 ft2

3-ton cranes (2)
5-ton cranes (1)
10-ton cranes (2)


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