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southeast, U.S.

Cooper’s St. Rose, Louisiana service shop provides full after-sale support for large-bore and small-bore engines and compressors.


Cooper’s St. Rose, Louisiana service shop and manufacturing center offers a diverse array of services including in-house engine and compressor repairs and overhauls, parts manufacturing, and parts warehousing. Established in 1969, the St. Rose service center provides after-sale support for all the major engine and compressor brands from Cooper services (see below). The St. Rose center specializes in parts supply and repair of large-bore integrals such as Cooper-Bessemer, Clark, Ingersoll Rand, and Worthington. In addition to traditional engine-compressor services, we are equipped to handle Winrock analyzer services, turbocharger maintenance and repair, field machining, and control systems.

st. rose shop core capabilities

The St. Rose service shop is the Cooper regional shop/warehouse for genuine OEM parts and service, covering the following reciprocating compression and engine products:

  • AJAX
  • Cooper-Bessemer
  • Enterprise
  • Gemini
  • Superior
  • Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI)
  • Texcentric

Additionally, the Southeast service team has experience servicing the following third party equipment:

  • Clark
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Worthington
  • Waukesha
  • Caterpillar

This location specializes in the following types of service and repair:

  • Compressor cylinder repairs and refurbishment, including hydro testing
  • Compressor piston, rod manufacturing, and refurbishment
  • Tungsten coating of compressor rods
  • Crosshead shoe manufacturing and refurbishment
  • Compressor valve, unloader, and packing case repairs
  • Line boring and vertical honing
  • Master and connecting rod refurbishment
  • Pin superfinishing
  • 4-Cylinder head repair
  • Water and oil pump repairs
  • Starting air and fuel valve repairs
  • Camshaft re-lobing
  • Field machining
  • New unit installations
  • Field repairs/overhauls
  • Field unit upgrades
  • Troubleshooting/diagnostics

st. rose shop Specialty machining tools

  • Portable boring bars to perform line bores in the field
  • Winrock analyzers
  • Hytorc equipment
  • Optical/laser alignment
  • Hydrostatic test bunker
  • TAFA JP 5000 HVOF tungsten spray system
  • TAFA TCV 400 arc metal spray system
  • Tocco induction heat treatment
  • Tesker thread rollers

st. rose shop unit exchange parts

Cooper unit exchange (UX) parts save operating expenditures, minimize equipment downtime, increase reliability, and reduce material waste to limit environmental impacts. Through our service shop network, we take in and evaluate used cores and remanufacture them to our exacting standards. We also use the service shops to warehouse completed cores and stage them close to customers’ needs. Brands that we maintain UX parts for include: Cooper-Bessemer, Superior, Clark, Ingersoll Rand, and Worthington. Parts include power cylinders and liners, power cylinder heads, master rods and articulated rods, crossheads and guides, and water and oil pumps. Additionally, Cooper has complete Superior and Waukesha UX engines.

proven results

COOPER CASE STUDY: Our St. Rose service center completed a successful overhaul of a Cooper-Bessemer GMVR-12 engine-compressor for a customer in Florida. The overhaul included the rebuilding of power heads, pumps, art rods, piston pins, pin carriers, and compressor cylinders. Our Cooper service team was diligent in inspecting, re-qualifying, and rebuilding the unit to our OEM standards. Southeast Regional Director, Greg Penzato, stated: “Our St. Rose shop has a lot of experience rebuilding the large-bore Cooper and non-Cooper integrals. It’s a pleasure working on these great engines and satisfying the customer in the process.”

Location Information

Address10446 River Road Street
St. Rose, Louisiana 70087
Property11 acres
Roofline45,400 ft2
Shop27,000 ft2
Warehouse6,500 ft2
Office11,900 ft2
Equipment1-ton cranes (4)
5-ton cranes (3)
10-ton cranes (3)
15-ton crane (1)


Southeast Regional Director

Southeast Service Manager

Account Managers

St. Rose Machine Shop Manager

St. Rose Parts Manager

Field Machining

Greg Penzato

Southeast Leader

Greg Penzato is a 32-years Cooper veteran who started his career at the Louisiana Service Center as a management trainee. Greg dedicated his career to Cooper and has held many positions in aftermarket services.  Greg learned the business from the ground up and has served as machine shop manager, project manager and services manager. Today, Greg is the leader of our Southeast U.S. region which includes management of the sales team, parts, inside sales, machine shop and field service group.