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PowerFlow Sizing Software

powerflow tablet
powerflow tablet

PowerFlow Sizing Software

Our new PowerFlow compressor sizing tool combines new technology with an easy-to-use interface for sizing and selecting new compressors, or for re-sizing any of our O.E.M. equipment. This powerful tool allows our customers the flexibility to size any of our O.E.M. equipment such as Superior and Gemini high-speed reciprocating compressors, AJAX, and Cooper-Bessemer.

PowerFlow™ General Introduction

Cooper Machinery Services’ PowerFlow™ software empowers end users, packagers, and engineers with the abilities to size new units, to generate unit performance for new and existing units, and to reapply existing units. The software supports the following compressor lines:

  • Ajax slow-speed compressors,
  • Cooper High-speed compressors (Gemini and Superior lines), and
  • Cooper Bessemer Integral and Separable Slow-speed compressors.

PowerFlow supports advanced thermodynamics for accurate modeling of unit performance across broad ranges of pressures and temperatures, as well as support both pure gases and complex mixtures of gas components.

This software provides for an abundance of units of measure, includes both volumetric flow and mass flow options, and supports International Aware standards for natural languages, and number and date formats.

PowerFlow provides interactive modeling, dynamic performance and curves, as well as many report formats.