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Power Gen & Transportation

Cooper’s reciprocating compressors with Power Gen & Transportation applications greatly improve overall production and natural gas gathering, making them the most reliable compressors on the market.

Reliable and Efficient Compression Solutions for the Downstream Market

The power generation market refers to the production of key fossil fuel-based power sources for emergency and backup assistance. Engine generator sets convert mechanical energy into electrical energy to create usable energy for oil drilling sites, hospitals, municipalities, etc. Cooper has a robust history in the power generation market, delivering exceptional quality, performance, and sustainability to our customers.

Power Generation & Transportation applications

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Fuel Gas Boosting

Nuclear Power

Waukesha engine



Cooper's Advanced Technologies

Don't miss out on the benefits of using Cooper's reciprocating compressors in the upstream market. Contact us today to learn more about how our revolutionary compressor technologies can improve your production and lower your costs.

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Resourceful Energy and Heat Production with Cooper's Cogeneration Units

Cogeneration is the production of energy and heat that is resourcefully used at a plant where it would otherwise be wasted. The high-temperature heat drives power generation while the low-temperature heat is distributed for other means such as heating. Cooper’s slow-speed compression units offer efficiency and durability for cogeneration facilities. Cooper parts and preventative maintenance services ensure the longevity of your legacy equipment.

Cooper's Fuel Gas Boosting for Improved Efficiency in Power Plants

Cooper’s fuel gas boosting compressors are preferred additions to most new gas turbine power plant projects due to their ability to provide higher natural gas pressure for improved efficiency. These compressors have a large turndown range and the ability to handle gas pressure fluctuation from the pipeline.

Cooper's Legacy Engines for Marine and Power Generation

Legacy engines have long been used primarily for marine, stationary power, and nuclear standby service. Cooper engines can run on low BTU gas or gas with heavy hydrocarbon components. Cooper has put thousands of engines in the marine and railroad markets throughout history. We continue to provide support for these powerful units by furnishing parts, service, repairs, and turbochargers.

Cooper Machinery Services Cooper-Bessemer LSV

other Markets Served

Upstream Compression

The upstream market refers to the exploration, development, and production of natural gas and crude oil

Midstream Compression

The midstream compression market refers to the processing, storage, marketing, and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and liquified natural gas.

Downstream Compression

The downstream compression market refers to the refining and processing of oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals with a heavy emphasis on equipment reliability and efficiency to meet maximum productivity.