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Upstream compression

Cooper's reciprocating compressors with upstream compression applications greatly improve overall production and natural gas gathering, making them the most reliable compressors on the market.


The Upstream Market and Cooper's Reciprocating Compressors

The upstream compression market refers to the exploration, development, and production of natural gas and crude oil. Cooper’s reciprocating compressors greatly improve overall production and natural gas gathering, making them the most reliable compressors on the market. Cooper’s revolutionary compressor technologies such as the couple-free design reduces vibration and noise, increases equipment lifespan, and significantly lowers maintenance costs.

Upstream applications





Cooper's Advanced Technologies

Don't miss out on the benefits of using Cooper's reciprocating compressors in the upstream market. Contact us today to learn more about how our revolutionary compressor technologies can improve your production and lower your costs.

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The Most Reliable Choice for FPSO

Customers using floating production storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs) housing processing equipment and storage for produced hydrocarbons choose Cooper’s highly stable compressors when injecting gas into natural cavities for storage and consumption.

Gas Lift Optimization with
Cooper's Compressors

Gas lift, artificial lift using an external source of high-pressure gas to supplement formation gas to lift well fluids, is ideal with a well-designed Cooper upstream compressor for reinjection of natural gas into the well. Cooper’s compressors reduce fluid density and greatly improve oil production.

Increase Unconventional
gas production

Unconventional gas resources (tight sands, coalbed methane, and gas shales) require methane gas gathering by compressors at low suction pressure. Cooper’s compressors increase production by dramatically increasing the drawdowns in the wellbore.

other markets served

Midstream Compression

The midstream compression market refers to the processing, storage, marketing, and transportation of crude oil, natural gas, and liquified natural gas.

Downstream Compression

The downstream compression market refers to the refining and processing of oil, natural gas, and petrochemicals with a heavy emphasis on equipment reliability and efficiency to meet maximum productivity.

Power Gen & Transportation

Cooper has a robust history in the power generation market, delivering exceptional quality, performance, and sustainability to our customers.