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TSI has established an enviable reputation for quality work,
on-time performance, and technical expertise.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Turbocharger Solutions International

your one-stop shop for
clark turbochargers

TSI provides parts, repairs, upgrades, testing and exchange services for Clark turbochargers.  For any turbocharger that comes to our shop for repairs or upgrades, we do a complete disassembly, cleaning, and inspection. We keep a record including pictures of each turbocharger we repair so we have a complete life history of your turbocharger. For all upgrades and new turbochargers, we do a run test on our closed loop test stand and provide a report for your records. 

TSI supports Clark turbochargers used on HBA, HLA, HRA, TCVA, TCVC, TCVD, TLA, and TRA integral engines in the oil and gas industry.

Cooper Machinery Services Turbochargers, Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI)

Parts & Services for every Clark Turbocharger

Clark Turbochargers

meeting technical challenges

Our Engineering and Technical Support personnel understand the various challenges our Clark turbocharger customers encounter. We strive to continually develop innovative solutions for our customers and our manufacturing processes. Our team of Clark turbocharger experts can offer innovative solutions to your most demanding challenges including new product development and testing. Our staff includes engineers, technical support representatives, quality inspectors, test cell operators, and technicians to measure and guarantee customer-specified air requirements.

Only TSI gives customers a dedicated engineering team, ready to roll up their sleeves to solve problems quickly in person or over the phone. We provide performance audits and recommendations for upgrades and retrofits designed to keep you up and running profitably, year in and year out. We also offer customized Clark turbocharger training at our customers’ facilities, our facilities, or in conjunction with Cooper’s engine schools.