Cooper Introduces CleanBurn PlusTM Targeting 40% Methane Reduction

CleanBurn Plus

The reduction of greenhouse gases, particularly methane, is a key element of Cooper’s emissions reduction technology offering. To improve the environmental impact of engine-compressors operating within our industry, Cooper is pleased to announce CleanBurn Plus™, an emission reduction solution tailored to reduce fuel consumption, fuel slip, methane leakage, and unburned hydrocarbons.

Cooper’s CleanBurn Plus™ upgrade package is a comprehensive solution that can reduce methane output by up to 40% in most of the industry’s integral engine-compressors. For a fleet of engines rated collectively at 100,000 HP, this level of CO2 reduction can equal 20,000 tons/year, equivalent to the elimination of 4,348 standard passenger cars.

Our CleanBurn Plus™ upgrades are offered across our entire integral engine-compressor product line to include AJAX®, Cooper-Bessemer®, Clark, Enterprise®, Ingersoll Rand, and Worthington.

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