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enterprise compression
& power engines

Cooper is the O.E.M. of the Enterprise engine product line and has provided O.E.M. services forthe brand engines and compressors since 1917.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Enterprise Engines

enterprise engines overview

Cooper is the O.E.M. for the famous line of Enterprise power and compression engines. The brand is deployed globally in power generation, gas compression, marine applications, and nuclear standby. 

Cooper provides O.E.M. parts, service, overhauls, and engineering services for owners of Enterprise engines. Cooper specializes in turnkey service and maintenance, parts enhancement, and customized controls engineering for nuclear, marine, oil and gas, and municipal power installations.

Our Cooper facility in Houston, Texas serves as our Enterprise center of excellence (COE) within Cooper’s global support network. The shop is a certified nuclear cylinder head repair facility and maintains a stock of exchange units to get customers up and running quickly in an emergency.

Enterprise Liner


Genuine O.E.M. Cooper parts for Enterprise engines and compressors are backed with decades of engineering, manufacturing, and in-field experience in material wear. Cooper provides spare Enterprise engine parts that are manufactured to the latest standards and technical advancements. From our Enterprise parts manufacturing centers in Houston, Texas to our center of excellence in Houston, Texas, we are committed to making every Enterprise part with our own brand of O.E.M. quality and to O.E.M. standards. We are committed to stocking and delivering Enterprise engine parts to our customers quickly and efficiently, and that’s why we house thousands of Enterprise part numbers at our dedicated central distribution center in Houston Texas, and in our field locations around the world.


Cooper provides a complete line of engine field and shop services for Enterprise engines and compressors, and we have been doing it for decades. From preventative maintenance, to shop and field overhauls, to field machining, to repairs in our many global shops, our Cooper service teams are fully trained on engines and stand ready to assist our customers with all their service needs.


For decades, Cooper has been providing technology and engineering services for Enterprise engine upgrades. With our advanced technologies, expertise, and project management experience, we offer Enterprise upgrades to reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower, improve efficiencies and reliability of your equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

To further strengthen our upgrade portfolio for Enterprise engines, Cooper acquired HOERBIGER’s Engines Services (HES) division in 2019. Cooper now offers even more upgrade technologies including the HyperFuel System™, HyperBalance™, HyperLogic™, ePCC™, and ePFI™. The Engine Services team offers engine emissions reduction and efficiency improvement upgrades that are applicable to all types of Enterprise engines.  


Cooper’s facility in Houston, Texas serves as the Enterprise COE within Cooper’s global support network. Enterprise helped develop standards for nuclear standby diesels and engineered the technology to qualify components to these standards. The shop is a certified nuclear cylinder head repair facility and is the only certified shop to manufacture and repair Enterprise R-4 steel heads for the Nuclear industry. 

Houston Headquarter

The history of the Enterprise Engine dates all the way back to 1886 when the Enterprise Engine and Machining Company began building castings for gold mining machinery. After the notorious 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire, the company played a significant role in the rebuilding of the city which expanded the business. For the next 35 years, the company built furnaces for the steel industry and started a new engine department to capitalize on the demand for diesel propulsion.

During World War II, the business built hundreds of diesel engines for the United States Navy for tug- boats, harbor craft, small vessels, and auxiliary electric generators on larger ships. Many Enterprise engines were sold to drive electric power generators in cities and towns across America. After the war, Enterprise expanded and began building the more modern diesels utilized in almost every conceivable type of prime-mover application from powering boats and pumping oil to generating electricity.

Cooper purchased the Enterprise business in 1988 and has continued to support Enterprise engines operating around the world in nuclear power plants, university and municipality cogeneration plants, US Navy and Air Force bases, and in gas transmission services.

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Product Upgrades

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Enterprise legacy engine product models

The Enterprise R Series line of engines was introduced in the 1950s with an in-line configuration followed a few years later by a vee-type. R Series engines are used primarily for marine and stationary power and nuclear standby service. 

Enterprise spark-ignited HA, HV, and HVA engines feature high performance, fuel conservation, greater operating flexibility, and cost efficiency. Hundreds of H Series engines were put into service powering generators and driving compressors. They have the capability to run low BTU gas or gas with heavy hydrocarbon components.     

ModelBore × Stroke (in)Number of cylindersRated Speed (rpm)Rated HP (bhp)BMEP (psi)
R-4617 × 2164503,655225
R-4817 × 2184504,875225
RV12-417 × 21V124507,310225
RV16-417 × 21V164509,755225
R5-L617 × 2165145,105275
R5-L817 × 2185146,805275
R5-V1217 × 21V1251410,206275
R5-V1617 × 21V1651413,618275
HA614 × 1566302,000185
HV814 × 15V86002,000165
HVA814 × 15V86302,750185
HV1214 × 15V126003,000165
HVA1214 × 15V126304,000185
HV1614 × 15V166004,000165
HVA1614 × 15V166305,500185