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Cooper-Bessemer Integral
Engines & compressors

Since 1929, Cooper has provided O.E.M. services for Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressors and power engines.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Cooper-Bessemer Engines


Cooper-Bessemer™ integral engine-compressors and power engines from Cooper are among the most reliable and efficient engines and compressors ever produced. These advanced engines can accommodate extreme variations in operating pressures and flow rates, and they last forever.

Cooper supports the existing Cooper-Bessemer fleet with our genuine O.E.M. parts, parts repair, and field services provided by experienced and highly trained field technicians. We provide many types of upgrades to keep your Cooper-Bessemer units operating at their peak performance.

Cooper-Bessemer Parts

Genuine O.E.M. Cooper parts for Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressors and power engines are backed with decades of engineering, manufacturing, and in-field experience in material wear. Cooper provides spare Cooper-Bessemer engine and compressor parts that are manufactured to the latest standards and technical advancements. From our Cooper-Bessemer parts manufacturing centers in Houston, Texas, we are committed to making every Cooper-Bessemer part with our own brand of O.E.M. quality and to O.E.M. standards. We are committed to stocking and delivering Cooper-Bessemer engine and compressor parts to our customers quickly and efficiently, and that’s why we house thousands of Cooper-Bessemer part numbers at our dedicated central distribution center in Houston Texas, and in our field locations around the world..


For decades, Cooper has provided a complete line of engine field and shop services for Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressors and power engines. From preventative maintenance, to shop and field overhauls, to field machining, to repairs in our many global shops, our Cooper service teams are fully trained on Cooper-Bessemer engines and compressors and stand ready to assist our customers with all their service needs.


Cooper has been providing technology and engineering services for Cooper-Bessemer engine upgrades for decades. With our advanced technologies, expertise, and project management experience, we offer Cooper-Bessemer upgrades to reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower, improve efficiencies and reliability of your equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

To further strengthen our upgraded portfolio for Cooper-Bessemer engines, Cooper acquired HOERBIGER’s Engines Services (HES) division in 2019. Cooper now offers even more upgraded technologies, including the HyperFuel System TM, HyperBalance™, HyperLogic™, ePCC™, and ePFI™. The Engine Services team has been offering engine emissions reduction and efficiency improvement upgrades, applicable to all types of Cooper-Bessemer integral engines.  


A Rich Legacy

The Cooper-Bessemer engine is the embodiment of the rich history of Cooper Machinery Services. In 1833, Charles and Elias Cooper started a foundry in Mt. Vernon, Ohio that produced farm equipment. A few years later, they expanded to horizontal gas compressors. The C. & G. Cooper Company eventually merged with the Bessemer Engine Company of Grove City, Pennsylvania, and formed Cooper-Bessemer Corporation in 1929.

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CBI20001Exhaust Bypass Valve UpgradeAn upgraded bypass valve integrated system in 4”, 6” and 8” valve sizesReliability, Maintenance
CBI20002EPV-750 Poppet Valve UpgradeConventional valves may experience losses of 6-20% (as a percentage of total indicated horsepower), the EPV-750 total suction and discharge losses are typically only 4-12%Efficiency
CBI20003Crankcase Door and Explosion Relief Valve Upgradethe crankcase in engines and compressors must be fitted with flame-arresting explosion relief valves of the proper size and access covers of sufficient strength to withstand internal pressure of up to 30 psiSafety
CBI20004Dry Exhaust Manifold Conversion UpgradeOlder dry type one-piece exhaust manifolds can be reconditioned or replaced with a more modern expansion joint style to reduce cracking caused by thermal and vibratory movementEfficiency
CBI20005Jet Cell UpgradeA solution exists for the problem of poor combustion stability common in two-cycle gas engines operating at less than rated torque. That solution is the Jet Cell (pre-combustion chamber) conversion.Efficiency
CBI20006N12 Power Cylinders and LinersCooper N12 power cylinders and liners offer an alternative to chrome-plated power parts for two-cycle Cooper-Bessemer engines.Reliability, Maintenance
CBI20007Compressor Valve Cap UpgradeRetro-fit your old compressor valve caps to include an O-ring seal, making maintenance on your legacy Cooper-Bessemer equipment much easier.Emissions
CBI20008Water Inlet Header UpgradeThe new and improved water inlet header for all Cooper-Bessemer type GMV compressor unitsReliability, Maintenance
CBI20009Spin-On Lube Oil Strainer UpgradeNew upgrade offering to convert the existing CUNO lube oil filtration system to a “Spin On” filter element system rated from 7–23 microns, depending on the filter used.Maintenance
CBI20010Turbocharger-to-Intercooler Seal UpgradeUpgrade to a stainless steel bellows type expansion joint, used in exhaust manifolds for 30 years with proven reliabilityReliability, Maintenance
CBI20011Ring Gear Starter UpgradeTurnkey upgrades to pneumatic starting motor systems where a ring gear is installed on the engine flywheel and engaged by a pinion gear on the starting motor shaft to initiate engine roll over.Maintenance
CBI20012Hinged Crankcase Door with Upgraded SealingA new hinged crankcase door with an upgraded crankcase-to-door seal. It addresses new lifting safety and ergonomic concerns.Maintenance
CBI20013Screw-On Oil Filter KitCooper’s screw-on oil filter kits can be used on main engine oil systems of OEM turbochargers.Maintenance
CBI20014Engine Speed UpgradeThe easiest way to gain more horsepower is to increase the engine speed. Cooper-Bessemer engines currently rated at 250 and 300 RPM are excellent candidates for this conversion.Emissions, Power Increase
CBI20015Blower ConversionThe blower Conversion Kit includes everything required to convert your GMV or GMW engine to centrifugal blower operation. The retrofit can be performed in the field – by Cooper service technicians.Efficiency, Emissions, Power Increase
CBI20016Turbocharger AdditionRetrofits are available to increase the amount of inlet air to the engine by converting pumpscavenged units to turbocharged units.Efficiency, Emissions, Power Increase
CBI20017Ambient UprateThe Ambient Rating Conversion Kit allows an engine rated at 100°F to gain horsepower on a proportional basis as the temperature decreases – up to a maximum of 125% at 40°F.Emissions, Power Increase
CBI20018Eco Jet UpgradeThe Eco Jet from Cooper offers emissions reduction, combustion stability and fuel reduction for your large-bore engine-compressors.Efficiency, Emissions
CPE20001Electronic Pre-Combustion Chamber (ePCC)Electronically controlled pre-combustion chamber check valve (ePCC™) precisely controls fuel injection and allows the engine to run consistently smoother and cleanerCombustion stability, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20002HyperLogicTM SystemAdvanced air/fuel ratio control system for two- and four-stroke, turbocharged, spark-ignited enginesEfficiency, Emission, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20003HyperBalance IIITMGas engine balancing platform that enables automatic balancing for two- and four-stroke enginesCombustion stability, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20006EFCTM - Electronic Fuel Control SystemElectronic fuel control system that features a common rail fuel delivery system to mechanical direct injected enginesEfficiency, Combustion stability, Emissions
CPE20007HyperFuelTM SystemA non-hydraulic, electronically operated fuel valve and electronic control system for high pressure fuel injection in large, natural gas fueled enginesEfficiency, Emissions, Reliability
Control Panel UpgradesControl panel upgrades tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements for most makes and model of gas compression and power generation engines.Emissions, Efficiency


Cooper has been providing 0.5 g/bhp-hr NOx solutions for many years to upgrade your engines to the lowest possible emissions. Numerous Ingersoll Rand engines have been upgraded, and are operating in the field, at these very low NOx levels. Click here to learn more about the 0.5 g/bhp-hr solution.

Product BrandModelStatus# UnitsLocationUpgrade Technologies Applied
Cooper-Bessemer16W330Operating1ArkansasTurbocharger, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-Bessemer16W330Operating1South CarolinaTurbocharger, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-BessemerGMV-10Operating4TexasBlower, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-BessemerGMV-10Operating6TexasBlower, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-BessemerGMVH-8Operating2New JerseyTurbocharger, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-BessemerGMWH-10COperating2IndianaTurbocharger Re-Aero, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-Bessemer12W330Capable1PennsylvaniaHyperFuel, PCC, PLC automation
Cooper-BessemerGMVA-8Capable1PennsylvaniaTurbocharger, HyperFuel, ePCC, HyperBalance, HyperLogic, PLC Automation
Cooper-BessemerGMVH-8Capable2New YorkHyperFuel, PCC, HyperBalance

Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressors

Cooper-Bessemer™ slow-speed integrals offer less wear and tear, expanding the life of the hardware. The reintroduction of this integral to the gas transmission industry was prompted by customer needs for high reliability with a low total cost of ownership

FamilyModelBore×Stroke (in)Bank AngleRated Speed (rpm)Rated HP/cyl (bhp)BMEP (psi)High CompressionBlowerTurbocharger4 Cyl6 Cyl8 Cyl10 Cyl12 Cyl14 Cyl16 Cyl20 CylTension Rod Load (lbf)Compression Rod Load (lbf)Combined Rod Load(lbf)Notes
GMXGMX9¾ × 10½60°4005569.6xxx44,00050,00088,000
GMXGMX-TF9¾ × 10½60°40062.579.1xxxx44,00050,00088,000
GMXGMXA9¾ × 10½60°40062.579.1xxxx40,00047,00080,000
GMXGMXC9¾ × 10½60°500110110xxxxx40,00047,00080,000
GMXGMXD9¾ × 10½60°4506674.5xxxx75,000100,000160,000
GMXGMXE9¾ × 10½60°50082.582xxxxx75,000100,000160,000
GMXGMXF9¾ × 10½60°45082.592.5xxxxx75,000100,000160,000
GMXGMXH9¾ × 10½60°45082.592.5xxxx75,000100,000160,000
GMVGMV14 × 1460°30010061.3xxxx115,000135,000230,000
GMVGMV-TF14 × 1460°30011067.4xxxxx115,000135,000230,000
GMVGMV-STF14 × 1460°30013582.7xxxxx115,000135,000230,000
GMVGMVA14 × 1460°30013582.8xxxxxx115,000135,000230,000
GMVGMVA-A14 × 1460°33015083.5xxxxx150,000175,000300,000
GMVGMVB14 × 1460°30013582.8xx150,000175,000300,000
GMVGMVC14 × 1460°300180110xxxxxxx150,000175,000300,000
GMVGMVE14 × 1460°33016793xxxxx150,000175,000300,000
GMVGMVG14 × 1460°330200110xxxxxxx150,000175,000300,000
GMVGMVH14 × 1460°330200125.3xxxxx150,000175,000300,000GMVH/R
GMVGMVL14 × 1460°30013582.8xxxxxx150,000175,000300,000
GMWGMW18 × 2036°25024074.5xxx150,000175,000300,000
GMWGMW-TF18 × 2036°25025077.5xxxx200,000230,000400,000
GMWGMWA18 × 2036°25025077.5xxxxx200,000230,000400,000
GMWGMWB18 × 2036°25025077.5xx200,000230,000400,000
GMWGMWC18 × 2036°250350108.9xxxxxx200,000230,000400,000
GMWGMWE18 × 2036°27527577.5xx
GMWGMWH18 × 2036°250340105.8xxx
GMWV-25018 × 2036°250340105.8xxxxxxxGMWK
GMWV-27518 × 2036°27525077.5xxxxxxxGMWK
GMWW-33018 × 2036°330500117.9xxxxxxxGMWM/R/S
QUADQ145-L14½ × 1460°475300108.2xxxxxGMPM/R
QUADQ145-H14½ × 1460°475344124xxxxxGMPM/R
QUADQ155-L15½ × 1460°475344108.2xxxxxGMPM/R
QUADQ155-H15½ × 1460°475375118.3xxxxxGMPM/R
ZZ-33020 × 2040°330625120xxxxGMYK/P/R

Cooper Bessemer M-Line Compressors

Cooper-Bessemer M-Line process compressors are deployed in chemical and petrochemical process, oil and gas production, and gas transmission applications. The M-Line process compressor is a slow- to-medium speed horizontal unit utilizing the balanced-opposed cylinder design. Operating between 1,000 to 30,000 horsepower (746 to 22,371kW), the M-line is custom-designed to meet a wide range of operating conditions for virtually any gas application.

ModelNumber of ThrowsFrame HP (hp)Stroke (in)Maximum Rated Speed (rpm)Tension Rod Load (lbf)Compression Rod Load (lbf)Combined Rod Load(lbf)

Cooper-Bessemer Four Cycle Power Engines

Cooper-Bessemer® power engines have been installed around the world for use in electric power generation, mechanical drive, nuclear standby, and cogeneration applications. Cooper-Bessemer power engines are rated up to 8,700 hp (6,486 kW) and have been supplied for use with a variety of fuels such as diesel, gas, and dual-fuel. Where emissions are critical, the units have been furnished or converted to CleanBurn™ technology. Pioneered by Cooper, this technology is used for lowering engine emissions. 

FamilyModelBore x Stroke (in)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated HP/cyl (bhp)BMEP (psi)Number of Power Cylinders
JSJS13 x 165141165, 6, 7, 8
JSJS-DR13 x 164501025, 6, 7, 8
JSJS-DRT13 x 165141755, 6, 7, 8
JSJS-G13 x 165141245, 6, 7, 8
JSJS-GD13 x 165141165, 6, 7, 8
JSJS-GDT13 x 164501755
JSJS-GDT13 x 164502008
JSJS-GDT13 x 165142276, 7, 8
JSJS-GDT-SG13 x 165142276, 7, 8
JSJS-GDT-SG13 x 164502008
JSJS-SG13 x 165142286, 7, 8
JSJS-T13 x 164501985, 8
JSJS-T13 x 165142286, 7, 8
KSVKSV13½ × 16½51413012, 16
KSVKSV-DRT13½ × 16½51435812, 16
KSVKSV-G13½ × 16½51413812, 16
KSVKSV-GD13½ × 16½51413012, 16
KSVKSV-GDT13½ × 16½60035820012, 16, 20
KSVKSV-SG13½ × 16½60027715512, 16, 20
KSVKSV-T13½ × 16½60035820012, 16, 20
LSLS15½ × 223601606, 7, 8
LSLS-DT15½ × 223271456, 7, 8
LSLS-DR15½ × 223601606, 7, 8
LSLS-DRT15½ × 223603116, 7, 8
LSLS-G15½ × 223601706, 7, 8
LSLS-GD15½ × 223601606, 7, 8
LSLS-GDT15½ × 223603116, 7, 8
LSLS-SG15½ × 223602936, 7, 8
LSLS-T15½ × 223603116, 7, 8
LSVLSV15½ × 2236016112, 16
LSVLSV-DR15½ × 2232714512, 16
LSVLSV-DRT15½ × 2240038812, 16, 20
LSVLSV-G15½ × 2236017012, 16
LSVLSV-GD15½ × 2236016112, 16
LSVLSV-GDT15½ × 2240038812, 16, 20
LSVLSV-T15½ × 2240038812, 16, 20
LSVLSV-SG15½ × 2240032515512, 16, 20
LSVLSVB-GDT15½ × 2240043420012, 16, 20
LSVLSVB-T15½ × 2240043420012, 16, 20