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Engine and Compressor Parts

Cooper has been in the engine and compressor after-sale support business for a long time,
and we know what our customers expect: high quality parts, available inventory, and fast distribution.
And we are a company that stands behind its products.


As an O.E.M. of famous engine and compressor brands, and as a committed supplier of products and services to the owners of other O.E.M.’s equipment, Cooper is committed to supplying ALL of your parts. Cooper stands ready to serve your day-to-day needs, overhauls, and project upgrade work. We serve the following engine and compressor brands:

Cooper-Bessemer Parts

Central Distribution Center - Expanded Inventory

Our 60,000 square-foot central parts distribution center in Houston, Texas stocks over 15,000 different part
numbers for Cooper and non-Cooper engines and compressors, assuring the parts you need are available when
you need them. Customer shipments from our central distribution center go around the world and are packaged
and shipped with attention to safety and on-time delivery. Our goal is to deliver United States-based customers same day or next day service.

Additional Benefits:

We're Just Around the Corner

Cooper also houses inventory in many of our regional branches both domestically and internationally, putting our valued customers even closer to the parts they need.

Professional Shipping Etiquette

Cooper parts are packaged with care throughout the shipping process. Real time essential shipment information and international documentation is sent to your chosen carrier.

Expert On-Demand Assembly

Expert on-demand assembly of precision parts such as valves, packings and pistons are built to the specifications and standards as new. Many assemblies are in stock and ready for same day shipment.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Received, inspected, and warehoused in temperature-controlled locations, Cooper parts are preserved and packaged in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 certification.

IPSM Certified and Compliant

All packages are IPSM 15 certified and compliant.



Becoming the supplier-of-choice in the engine and compressor after-sale support business is not easy. Customers demand many things from their parts provider, from quality products, to on-time delivery, to a company that stands behind its work. An embrace and understanding of these demands is why we are in business.

Genuine Cooper parts are backed with decades of engineering, manufacturing, and in-field experience in material wear. We provide spare engine and compressor parts that are manufactured to the latest standards and technical advancements. We are committed to stocking and delivering parts to our customers quickly and efficiently, and that’s why we house tens-of-thousands of different parts numbers for all the major brands of engines and compressors at our dedicated central distribution center in Houston, Texas and in our field locations around the world. In addition to offering a strong and integrity-backed warranty, we will help our customers if our products cause equipment problems in the field.

Cooper-Bessemer engine and compressor parts in stock

invested in precision

Cooper is excited to present our brand new, custom manufactured Ohio Tool Works UltraHone installed recently at our Houston, Texas headquarters. Our commitment to providing the highest quality power cylinders and liners for our customers has never been stronger. 


On-Time-Delivery is Our Goal

Cooper is committed to stocking wear parts for all the major lines of engines and compressors we serve. We’ve made a commitment to house those components in all of our global locations from our central distribution center in Houston, Texas to our warehouse in eastern China. Cooper leads the way in the technical advancements needed to ship parts accurately and on-time to all corners of the world. Cooper is setting the standard for delivery satisfaction by using digital scanners, product trackers, and up-to-date customer messaging of product delivery status.

On-time delivery of engine and compressor parts packaged in warehouse

Warranty & QUality Assurance


Cooper’s spare parts are backed by an industry-leading 1-year, no-nonsense warranty with best-in class terms. It covers the parts as well as progressive damage. On some parts, the warranty is available for up to 24 months.

Quality Assurance

As and engine and compressor O.E.M., Cooper’s sharp focus on uncompromising quality has always been our strength. What drives us every day is knowing that every product provided, whether new, used, repaired, or exchanged, is destined to provide superior, trouble-free performance beyond all expectations. We adhere to extremely rigid quality assurance programs. Our stringent policy requires a yearly certification process that involves the inspection, calibration, and documentation of all measurement instruments and tools, up to and including those in our mechanics’ own toolboxes.

And because our quality is only as good as the quality of every element involved, Cooper demands that all outside suppliers also abide by our strict code of excellence. Perhaps this explains why, year after year, Cooper’s warranty claims remain such a rarity.