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Worthington integral
Engine & compressor services

Cooper provides services for all makes and models of Worthington integral engines and compressors.


Cooper is a full supplier of Worthington integral engine and compressor service and is committed to supplying all of your upgrades and service needs with quality and expertise as our primary goals.

Becoming the service supplier-of-choice in the engine and compressor after-sale support business is no easy task. Customers demand many things from their provider, from well-trained mechanics to expert technical advice to a company that stands behind its work. In addition, our customers want a supplier who can provide all their service needs for all of their compression equipment. That’s why Cooper provides a full suite of Worthington parts, service, and shop repair capabilities.

Cooper’s O.E.M.-quality Worthington integral engine services are backed with decades of process improvement, training and the in-field experience that comes from working thousands of projects. Cooper deploys their industry-best field service personnel from our well-equipped service centers located around the globe, and we provide our own O.E.M. quality parts on every job. Cooper offers a strong and integrity-backed warranty for all our products and services, and we are committed to providing common sense solutions for our customer on every job.

WE PROVIDE ALL the worthington services YOU NEED

Worthington PRODUCT Models SUPPORTED

Product ModelBore × Stroke (in)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated HP/cyl (bhp)No. Of Power CylindersCompression Stroke (in)
LCE11½ x 12350384,6,812
LGE11½ x 12350384,6,812
LFC11½ x 12350384,6,812
LPE11½ x 12400434,6,812
LTC15 x 153001253,4,5,6,7,815
UTC16 x 16300, 3202003,4,5,6,7,8, 1016
LTCH15 x 153001253,4,5,6,7,815
SUTC16 x 16300, 3202503,4,5,6,7,8,1016
SLHC11½ x 124501004,5,6,7,8,1012
SLHCA12 x 124501104,5,6,7,8,1012
ML16 x 16300 320250 2805,6,7,8,1016
MLV16 x 1831030512,14,16,1818
MLV17 x 1933044012,14,16,18, 2019
MLPT16 x 163002505,6,7,8,1016

engine & compressor services for o.e.m. & non-o.e.m. brands