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Cooper-Bessemer integral
Engine & compressor services

Cooper provides services for all makes and models of Cooper-Bessemer integral engines and compressors.


Cooper is the O.E.M. for the legendary Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressor, and we’ve been a full supplier of  Cooper-Bessemer services for that equipment for almost 100 years. We are committed to supplying and performing all of your upgrades and service needs with quality and expertise as our primary goals.

Becoming the service supplier-of-choice in the engine and compressor after-sale support business is no easy task. Customers demand many things from their provider, from well-trained mechanics to expert technical advice to a company that stands behind its work. In addition, our customers want a supplier who can provide all their service needs for all of their compression equipment. That’s why Cooper provides a full suite of Cooper-Bessemer services, parts, and shop repair capabilities.

Cooper’s O.E.M. Cooper-Bessemer integral engine services are backed with decades of process improvement, training, and the in-field experience that comes from working on thousands of projects. Cooper deploys their industry-best field service personnel from our well-equipped service centers located around the globe, and we provide our own O.E.M. parts on every job. Cooper offers a strong and integrity-backed warranty for all our products and services, and we are committed to providing common-sense solutions for our customers on every job.

Cooper Bessemer Services

WE PROVIDE ALL the Cooper-Bessemer services YOU NEED

Services for every CB model

Cooper-Bessemer integral engine-compressors

Cooper-Bessemer™ slow-speed integrals offer less wear and tear, expanding the life of the hardware. The reintroduction of this integral to the gas transmission industry was prompted by customer needs for high reliability with a low total cost of ownership

Cooper Bessemer M-Line Compressors

Cooper-Bessemer M-Line process compressors are deployed in chemical and petrochemical process, oil and gas production, and gas transmission applications. The M-Line process compressor is a slow- to-medium speed horizontal unit utilizing the balanced-opposed cylinder design. Operating between 1,000 to 30,000 horsepower (746 to 22,371kW), the M-line is custom-designed to meet a wide range of operating conditions for virtually any gas application.

Cooper-Bessemer Four Cycle Power Engines

Cooper-Bessemer® power engines have been installed around the world for use in electric power generation, mechanical drive, nuclear standby, and cogeneration applications. Cooper-Bessemer power engines are rated up to 8,700 hp (6,486 kW) and have been supplied for use with a variety of fuels such as diesel, gas, and dual-fuel. Where emissions are critical, the units have been furnished or converted to CleanBurn™ technology. Pioneered by Cooper, this technology is used for lowering engine emissions. 

engine & compressor services for o.e.m. & non-o.e.m. brands