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The History of Texcentric

A Robust History Dating Back to 1955
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Texcentric

The history of Texcentric can be traced back to 1955. On August 28, 1969, Bernard Schwaller, inventor of various valve components, founded Texcentric, Inc. in Houston, Texas. Texcentric was the first to use PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) material in valve manufacturing which provided exceptional wear and corrosion resistance. The company was dissolved in 1972. 

Tidewater, Inc. purchased Texcentric Inc. on February 8, 1972 as a special contracts division to produce gas and air compression equipment for oil and gas producers. The acquisition was intended to help expand the company’s role as the world’s largest offshore marine service firm. 

In May of 1987, Cooper Energy Services (today’s Cooper Machinery Services) purchased the company from the Collins family and renamed it Texcentric. In 1998, all Texcentric valve manufacturing facilities were consolidated and moved to the Cooper headquarters in Houston, Texas. The Texcentric name has been tied to the Cooper organization and remains synonymous with compressor valve quality, service, and dependability. 

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