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Legends Don’t Stop.
We Make Sure of It.
Cooper Machinery Services, a global leader in the supply of after-sale services
and new compression for the world’s engine and compressor markets.
Emerging Legends 190th
Emerging Legends SeriesTM
Cooper is proudly launching a portfolio of new products and services
that optimize the life of installed engine and compressor assets,
helping our customers preserve their legacy equipment.
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Reciprocating Integral
For decades, Cooper has been the world leader in the supply of parts, service, repairs,
and upgrades for the compression industry’s legendary large-bore slow-speed integrals.
From AJAX™, to Cooper-Bessemer™, to Clark, to IR, to Worthington,
we are your one-stop shop for after-sale support.
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Reciprocating Engines
& Compressors
High-speed compression has been part of the Cooper family for years with our
Superior engines and compressors. Now we offer more, including
parts and service for Gemini, CAT, and Waukesha.
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Power Generation
Engine-Generator Sets
From nuclear stand-by to cogeneration to standard electrical generation engines,
Cooper has been providing quality parts, service, repairs, and technical engineering
support for decades. We are the O.E.M. for Cooper-Bessemer and Enterprise power engines
and are trusted by nuclear power plants, the United States military, and public & private
electricity generators around the globe.
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E.S.G. Journey
Actively caring for our people, our communities, and our partners,
and making sure our environmental impact is always positive.
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Cooper's Turbocharger Solutions International (TSI) team is a world leader
in the supply of new and repaired turbochargers for all major brands of
slow-speed and high-speed compression engines.
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PTSD Foundation
& Camp Hope
Cooper is a proud partner of the PTSD Foundation of America / Camp Hope,
an organization providing a safe space and support for veterans
returning from war with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress.


Cooper Stands Ready
for good neighbor

The rule requires a large portion of the reciprocating compression fleet in the United States above 1,000 hp to operate at no more than 3 g/bhp-hr NOx emissions for 2-stroke cycle lean burn engines, 1.5 g/bhp-hr NOx for 4-stroke cycle lean burn engines, and 1 g/bhp-hr NOx for 4-stroke cycle rich burn engines by mid-2026. Cooper understands that requirements associated with the Good Neighbor Rule, particularly the horsepower limit and narrow implementation window, have come as a surprise to many in the industry, and that there is great concern around the cost and speed at which these engines can be upgraded.


Engine and Compressor Brands Served

Cooper Machinery Services provides parts, field service, shop repairs, and upgrades for all the legendary engine and compressor brands shown below. We are the O.E.M. for many of these brands, and we supply O.E.M.-quality parts and services for all of them!

A portfolio of products and services that advance our industry and transform Cooper’s traditional way of doing business. Emerging LegendsTM serves as a testament to Cooper’s commitment to optimizing the life of legacy engine and compressor assets, helping our customers preserve their legacy equipment, and bringing environmentally sustainable solutions to the industry.