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Superior high speed engines
& compressors

Cooper is the O.E.M. for Superior high-speed engines and compressors. We manufacture new engines and compressors and provide complete service support for the installed base.
Cooper Machinery Services is the O.E.M. of Superior Engines and Compressors


Cooper is the O.E.M. for separable high-speed Superior engines and compressors. Our aftermarket team delivers total aftermarket support for Superior engines and compressors, from parts, to machine shops, to engineering, to field support — all from one convenient and very attentive source.

Cooper’s turbocharged Superior™ gas engines are built for reliable, continuous, heavy-duty service. Ideally aligned with our extensive Superior™ reciprocating compressor portfolio in terms of speed and horsepower, these engines can provide lower fuel consumption, increased efficiency, lower emissions, and a service life that surpasses that of many other engines in the marketplace.

Available in 12- and 16-cylinder models, these exceedingly robust engines were designed from the ground up for operation on natural gas and even dirty gas. Superior™ gas engines offer optimized fuel/air mixing and timed fuel injection, resulting in reduced fuel consumption requirements. The engine’s low compression pistons reduce dynamic stress for more stable, reliable operation.

Cooper provides dedicated support to its Superior engine customers with new O.E.M. spares parts, repair and UX parts, “zero-hour” remanufactured and UX engines, field services, and numerous upgrades to improve engine performance and reduce emissions.

superior Parts

Genuine O.E.M. Cooper parts for Superior high-speed separable engines and compressors are backed with decades of engineering, manufacturing, and in-field experience in material wear. We provide spare Superior parts that are manufactured to the latest standards and technical advancements. From our Superior parts manufacturing centers in Houston and Deer Park, Texas, we are committed to making every Superior part with our own brand of O.E.M. quality and to O.E.M. standards. We are committed to stocking and delivering Superior engine and compressor parts to our customers quickly and efficiently, and that’s why we house thousands of Superior part numbers at our dedicated central distribution center in Houston Texas, our Superior center of excellence in Deer Park, Texas, and in our field locations around the world.


Cooper provides a complete line of engine field and shop services for Superior high-speed separable engines and compressors, and we have been doing it for decades. From preventative maintenance, to shop and field overhauls, to field machining, to repairs in our many global shops, our Cooper service teams are fully trained on Superior engines and compressors and stand ready to assist our customers with all their service needs.

superior service and repairs
superior upgrades


For decades, Cooper has been providing technology and engineering services for Superior engine and compressor upgrades. With our advanced technologies, expertise, and project management experience, we offer Superior upgrades to reduce engine emissions, increase horsepower, improve efficiencies and reliability of your equipment, and reduce maintenance costs.

To further strengthen our upgrade portfolio for Superior engines and compressors, Cooper acquired HOERBIGER’s Engines Services (HES) division in 2019. Cooper now offers even more upgrade technologies, including the HyperFuel System TM, HyperBalance™, HyperLogic™, ePCC™, and ePFI™. The Engine Services team has been offering engine emissions reduction and efficiency improvement upgrades, applicable to all types of Superior integral engines.   

new SUPERIOR ENGINEs & compressors

Superior compressors are rated 290 to 9,000 hp (216 to 6,711 kW). Engines are rated 2,000 to 2,650 hp (1,490 to 1,975 kW). Legendary Superior compressors and engines have been serving the industry’s compression needs for decades. Their reliable service makes them one of the most maintenance-free engine-compressor offerings in the market. Today, Superior engines and compressors continue to earn their distinguished reputation for being as close to worry-free as any engine & compressor product in the world.  

new superior engines and compressors
superior center of excellence


Cooper is recognized globally as a leader in the supply of parts, service, repairs, and exchange engines for the Superior product line. Our Deer Park, Texas location was named our Cooper center of excellence for our Superior product line. 


A Rich Legacy

In 1889, Patrick J. Shouvlin opened a small machine shop in Springfield, Ohio. With the natural gas engine in its early beginnings, Shouvlin began his quest to develop his own model of natural gas engine. By the 1890’s, Shouvlin’s company became known as the Superior Gas Engine Company, which described the product offered during this time “Superior”.

Although Superior engines were initially designed for oil field applications, the company soon developed a relationship with the National Supply Company to market its engines throughout the United States.

By 1920, the Superior Engine Company added a semi-diesel engine. In 1923, it purchased Otto Engine Works to increase its market position and market share. The first Superior vertical diesel was completed in 1926 and the company changed its name to the Superior Engine Company.

Superior Logo Resized

superior engine upgrades

SPE20001Bolt-in Pre-Combustion ChamberAn improved pre-combustion chamber for 825 series engines. It provides emissions reduction, combustion stability and fuel savings. Emission, Reliability, Maintenance
SPE20003Higher Efficiency TurbochargersAn upgraded version of the BC370H turbocharger is used in the Superior 825 12 & 16 SGTD engines.Efficiency, Emissions
SPE20004Oil Filter UpgradeCooper offers a full line of spin-on oil filter assemblies that provide spin-on oil filter efficient filtration and a cost-effective solution to sock type element filters.Maintenance
SPE20005Wastegate Actuator UpgradeExtend the life of your Superior engine actuator with a wastegate valve upgrade. The new design moves the actuator off the wastegate valve and relocates it to the side block of an inline engine.Maintenance
SPE20006Oil Pump Drive UpgradeOur new Oil Pump Drive Upgrade Kit utilizes Viton cord strips in place of the springs, which not only provides equal or better dampening for the assembly, but also provides longer life and less wear and tear on the gear and hub.Reliability, Maintenance
SPE20007Barring and Starter Motor Mounting BracketsMounting brackets available from Cooper enable barring and starter motors to be added to all Superior 825 Vee engines.Reliability, Safety
SPE20008Magnetic Pick-Up Mounting BracketsMounting brackets enable magnetic pickups to be added to all Superior 825 engines. The kits contain installation hardware and utilize the existing on-engine bolting arrangement.Reliability
SPE20009Aluminum One-Piece Valve CoverAluminum one-piece valve covers for all Superior 825 engines make overhauls and routine maintenance quicker, easier and more cost-effective. These covers are a direct replacement of the original two-piece cast iron transition piece and aluminum lid assembly. Emissions, Maintenance
SPE20010Fiberglass Fuel Gas Valve Adjustment DoorsFewer bolts now separate you from your engine—meaning easy access to fuel gas valves—thanks to a design innovation.Emissions, Maintenance
SPE20011CleanBurn Conversion KitCooper offers CleanBurn Conversion Kits for the 8GT and 8GTL model engines. Converted engines will be designated as 8GTLE models. The LE in the model name is to represent Low Emissions. The kit has been designed and thoroughly tested to achieve 2g/bhp-hr NOx at 900 rpm and full load.Emissions, Reliability
CMS21026EcoStart Hydraulic Starter for EnginesEcoStart offers a short starting frequency for greater capacity, and slow roll and soft start capabilities for reduced maintenance and improved safety.Efficiency, Emissions, Maintenance
CPE20001Electronic Pre-Combustion Chamber (ePCC)Electronically controlled pre-combustion chamber check valve (ePCC™) precisely controls fuel injection and allows the engine to run consistently smoother and cleanerCombustion Stability, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20002HyperLogicTM SystemAdvanced air/fuel ratio control system for two- and four-stroke, turbocharged, spark-ignited enginesEfficiency, Emissin, Reliability, Maintenance
CPE20008Electronic Port Fuel Injector (ePFI)A solenoid operated fuel valve and electronic control system designed for large, four cycle natural gas enginesEfficiency, Emissions, Reliability
Engine ControlsControl Panel UpgradesControl panel upgrades tailored to customer’s specific needs and requirements for most makes and model of gas compression and power generation engines.Combustion stability, Efficiency, Emission, Reliability, Maintenance
Lubrication SystemSloan Lubrication SystemProtect your investment with a leading lubrication system. Optimized design, maximized compressor valve life, reduced lube oil carryover, prevent equipment damage and downtime, and implement fail-safe protection for your critical machinery.Efficiency, Emission, Reliability, Maintenance

superior compressor upgrades

SPC20008Flexflow CylindersCooper offers a variety of FlexFlow cylinders available for mounting on MH, WH and WG frames. All cylinders are featured with liners that allow for changing inner cylinder bore diameter without a need of replacing entire cylinder body. Efficiency
Compressor Package RetrofitCooper offers complete reconfigured compressor package solutions for your legacy equipment.Repurposing

Superior Engine product models

FamilyModelBore x Stroke (in)Rated speed (rpm)Rated HP/cyl (bhp)BMEP (psi)TurbochargerNo. of Power Cylinders
825G10 × 10½900100106.76, 8, 12, 16
825GT10 × 10½900138x6, 8, 12, 16
825GTL10 × 10½900138146.7x6, 8, 12, 16
825GTLA10 × 10½900138x6, 8, 12, 16
825GTLB10 × 10½900138146.7x6, 8, 12, 16
825GTLD10 × 10½900138x16
825GTLE10 × 10½900138x6, 8
825SGT10 × 10½1,000188180x8
825SGT10 × 10½900166177.8x12, 16
825SGTA10 × 10½900166x8, 12, 16
825SGTB10 × 10½1,000188180x8
825SGTB10 × 10½900166177.8x12, 16
825SGTC10 × 10½900166x16
825SGTD10 × 10½900166177.8x12, 16
2400G9.45 × 10.241,200200184x6, 8, 12, 16
2400GTL9.45 × 10.241,200200184x6, 8, 12, 16

Superior Compressor Product Models

ModelNumber of ThrowsRated Speed (rpm)Rated Power (bhp)Stroke (in)Rod Diam (in)Con Rod Length (in)Compression Rod Load (lbf)
CFA32        2     1800    290.0    3.000    1.125    8.500  13500.0
CFA34        4     1800    579.0    3.000    1.125    8.500  13500.0
CFH62        2     1200   1360.0    6.000    2.500   13.750  65000.0
CFH64        4     1200   2720.0    6.000    2.500   13.750  65000.0
C-Force32        2     1800    290.0    3.000    1.125    8.500  11000.0
C-Force34        4     1800    579.0    3.000    1.125    8.500  11000.0
CFR52        2     1500   1700.0    5.000    2.250   13.750  55000.0
CFR54        4     1500   3400.0    5.000    2.250   13.750  55000.0
LW62        2      900    810.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
LW64        4      900   1214.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
LW66        6      900   1503.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
MH62        2     1200   1800.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  56000.0
MH64        4     1200   3600.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  56000.0
MH66        6     1200   5400.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  56000.0
MW62        2     1000   1449.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  44000.0
MW64        4     1000   2449.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  44000.0
MW66        6     1000   3014.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  44000.0
MW68        8     1000   2407.0    6.000    2.250   14.500  44000.0
RAM52        2     1500   1188.0    5.000    2.000   12.000  44000.0
RAM54        4     1500   2375.0    5.000    2.000   12.000  44000.0
SW62        2     1000   1599.0    6.000    2.500   14.500  56000.0
SW64        4     1000   3000.0    6.000    2.500   14.500  56000.0
SW66        6      900   3600.0    6.000    2.500   14.500  56000.0
SW68        8      900   3600.0    6.000    2.500   14.500  56000.0
W62        2      900    900.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
W64        4      900   1350.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
W66        6      900   1620.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
W68        8      900   1800.0    6.000    2.000   14.500  44000.0
W72        2     1000   3000.0    7.000    2.500   17.000  70000.0
W74        4     1000   4000.0    7.000    2.500   17.000  70000.0
W76        6     1000   6000.0    7.000    2.500   17.000  70000.0
WG62        2     1200   3000.0    6.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WG64        4     1200   6000.0    6.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WG66        6     1200   9000.0    6.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WG72        2     1000   2500.0    7.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WG74        4     1000   5000.0    7.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WG76        6     1000   7500.0    7.000    2.750   17.000  90000.0
WH62        2     1200   1800.0    6.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0
WH64        4     1200   3600.0    6.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0
WH66        6     1200   5400.0    6.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0
WH72        2     1000   1700.0    7.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0
WH74        4     1000   3400.0    7.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0
WH76        6     1000   5100.0    7.000    2.500   15.000  70000.0


In March 2022, Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper) successfully tested a slow-speed integral engine running on a hydrogen (H2) fuel blend (95% natural gas and 5% hydrogen by volume). This month, Cooper greatly exceeded industry expectations by successfully testing the same engine with a fuel blend of 30% H2 by volume, achieving significant reductions in CO, CO2, THC, and methane emissions.

CleanBurn Plus™ two-stroke AJAX® 2802

Cooper Awarded Enterprise R-3 Engine-Generator Project by the United States Space Force

Houston, TX, September 12, 2022 –(– Cooper Machinery Services (Cooper), LLC, a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management, has been awarded a contract by the United States Space Force (U.S.S.F.) to overhaul two of the six backup Enterprise R3 engine-generator sets stationed inside the Cheyenne Mountain Space Force Station in Colorado.