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Equipment upgrades

Cooper is the industry leader in providing solutions for engine-compressor upgrades and modernization. Keep your existing engines and compressors in place, and reduce your carbon footprint.

equipment Upgrades to enhance efficiency

As engine and compressor technology marches on, some equipment can benefit from modernization, so they are more efficient and use less fuel for more output. Cooper offers many upgrade products to help find that perfect sweet spot for an engine in any application. From power uprates to fuel efficiency products, Cooper is the market leader.

Power Uprates

Uprating your engines and compressors can be an economical way to increase your throughput, improve your efficiency and lower your carbon footprint. And it allows engine-compressor operators to keep their legacy equipment installed without having to spend the massive sums need for horsepower replacement. Adding combustion modifications, such as new or improved turbochargers, jet cell conversions, air/fuel ratio improvements, ignition system upgrades, and electronic control panels can enable your engine to generate more horsepower, and re-lining or changing cylinders can enable you to take advantage of that horsepower.

Fuel Efficiencies

When you increase your fuel efficiency, you lower your carbon footprint and total cost of ownership. Cooper has the technology to retrofit virtually any engine in your fleet to make marked improvements to fuel efficiency. We combine improved turbocharging, Jet-Cells™, High Pressure Fuel Injection (HyperFuel™), HyperBalance™, and many more technologies to perfectly match your engine’s needs.

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